Seamlessly Incorporate Trace Data Into the Refyne Platform

Connecting disconnected healthcare data is at the heart of everything we do. Refyne Transport enables Refyne™ platform users to seamlessly access indexed patient fax, voice and image data located on-premises in the Trace® platform. This protected exchange of information enables current Trace-enabled hospitals and their staff to continue to leverage the benefits of Trace while also tapping into the cloud-based, audit management functionality that Refyne delivers.

Enhanced audit response efficiency

Simplify and streamline audit response workflows by gaining access to key data within a single, consolidated application. Refyne Transport provides a seamless connection and incorporates Trace data into Refyne, reducing the time and effort required to process claims, decreasing process complexity, and lowering associated costs. Easily access chart notes, medical necessity documentation, recorded conversations and more using Refyne Transport.

With Refyne Transport, you can:

  • Access patient-related voice, fax or image data including chart notes, medical necessity documentation, recorded conversations, and more
  • Import Trace data into the Refyne cloud-based environment
  • Leverage a single application for enhanced audit workflows
  • Share data between teams and across the enterprise, enabling patient financial services staff to access patient data generated by your hospital’s patient access team

Find out how easy it is to connect disconnected data with Refyne.

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