97 Percent of Vyne Medical Clients Would Invest in the Trace Platform Again

According to the 2021 Best in KLAS Report, nearly all clients surveyed indicated they would buy the Trace platform again

Atlanta, GA, February 15, 2021 – Vyne Medical®, a leading provider of healthcare communication and data management technology for more than 800 hospitals and health systems, today announced its inclusion in the 2021 Best in KLAS Report.

Featured in the ‘other KLAS-validated solutions’ section, Vyne Medical and its Trace® platform showcase a rating of 90.5 out of 100. This score is comprised of feedback from more than 30 clients and exceeds the average software vendor rating of 82.4. The score is highlighted with a datapoint showcasing that 97 percent of surveyed clients would buy Trace again.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized by KLAS. We’re also grateful to our clients for taking the time to provide feedback and for entrusting us with their partnership,” said Lindy Benton, CEO of Vyne.

KLAS, a leading source of healthcare information technology vendor performance metrics, determines its ratings based on the overall customer satisfaction score for a vendor’s products. KLAS ratings are based on direct, detailed feedback from healthcare providers across North America. Vendors are rated across six key performance categories: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value. In their feedback to KLAS, Vyne Medical clients indicated satisfaction of more than 85 out of 100 in each of these categories.

During its evaluation of Vyne Medical, KLAS collected the following comments from clients:

“We get our return on investment for what I do regarding centralized scheduling with the Voice On-Demand module and the recording of the calls with my insurance verifiers or my schedulers. That module has got us covered, and it has been a godsend more times than not.”

(This comment was collected by KLAS from a Manager about Vyne’s ROI / Cost in December 2020.)


“Vyne Medical is awesome with their customer service. The important thing is customers want to know that they can rely on vendors to be available when necessary. With Vyne Medical, we can call or email them, and their turnaround with support is great. The support people follow through and resolve things.”

(This comment was collected by KLAS from a Director about Vyne’s Service and Support in December 2020.)


“Vyne Medical has an awesome project lead that is always engaged and has the team engaged. Overall, the reliability of the resources is above and beyond. The implementation team is awesome. The team follows through, works together, and engages the right people, and that plays a huge role.”

(This comment was collected by KLAS from a Director about Vyne’s Service and Support in December 2020.)


“We get our money’s worth from Trace. For example, we had a large surgery, and the insurance sent us a denial. We were able to use the picture-sorting image of the authorizations to fix the problem. That got escalated really quickly, and we were able to save a lot of money. If we aren’t picture sorting, then we don’t have anything to back us. In that case, we would just be spinning our wheels. That costs a lot more money. If the product is used appropriately, it saves people a ton of money. If nothing else, the product backs users and everything that they do. We use the product a lot for customer service with our scheduling department. When humans are involved, there are going to be errors, but we can listen to the conversation between the physicians’ offices that scheduled things and our schedulers. If we have made an error or if we haven’t scheduled something appropriately, we can educate people. If they have done something, we talk with them and let them know, and then we record that incident.”

(This comment was collected by KLAS from a Manager about Vyne’s ROI / Cost in April 2020.)


About Vyne Medical

Vyne Medical is a recognized industry leader in end-to-end health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management. The company’s robust technology platform facilitates the electronic capture, storage and submission of healthcare data in virtually any form – voice, fax, image, data or electronic document. Vyne Medical’s solutions connect disconnected data to close gaps in documentation and improve the continuum of care through a more complete and fully accessible patient record. Outcomes include improved financial strength, operational performance and patient experience. For more information, visit vynemedical.com.

About KLAS

KLAS is a data-driven company on a mission to improve the world’s healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals, KLAS collects insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver reports, trending data and statistical overviews. KLAS data is accurate, honest and impartial. The research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. To learn more about KLAS and the insights we provide, visit www.KLASresearch.com.



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