Memorial Hermann Uses Trace Integration to Export Records to Its Sovera Imaging System

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s Imaging and Correspondence Department processes nearly 10,000 records every month. Records come from various sources including insurance companies, financial institutions and patients and include items such as online EOBs and patient remits. All records must be sorted and moved over to Memorial Hermann’s imaging system, Sovera.

Previously, the department received and sorted records, then scanned them into the imaging system. When the healthcare system’s financial institution went paperless, the department’s process required associates to print and scan electronic records from the bank back into the imaging system. This was time consuming and inefficient, requiring 3 to 4 days to process and reconcile each batch of records.

The department was able to streamline this workflow by integrating Trace® with its Sovera imaging system. The department now receives electronic images from the bank and captures the images using Trace PixCert. An HL7 interface allows for quick indexing to patient information available through the health system’s registration system. Once captured and indexed in Trace, images are automatically pushed over to Sovera without any manual intervention. This improvement has reduced processing time for records by 2 to 3 days.

An added benefit of the new process is the auditing available through Trace, which gives the department the ability to monitor its process from start to finish. Department managers now have insight into who has added records to the system, when they were added and where they went. If a record goes to the wrong location, they are now able to track down the root of the problem. Managers can also pull a report of employee activity for the entire month, a capability they did not have previously.

Other Memorial Hermann departments utilizing Trace’s image export services to push records to the Sovera imaging system include Insurance Verification for online benefits/authorization, Collections for claims/insurance information and Refunds for online refund requests. Trace allows these departments to send records directly to Sovera for nearly instant retrieval rather than sending them to the Imaging department to sort and scan into the system.


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