Stillwater Medical Center Selects Trace® by Vyne Medical to Optimize Quality, Patient Experience

Partnership to provide quality assurance and objective data for patient experience improvement

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (June 3, 2019) – Vyne Medical® has announced an agreement with Stillwater Medical Center for implementation of its Trace® communication management platform across the hospital’s Patient Access processes and operations.

Stillwater Medical Center, a 117-bed not-for-profit acute care general hospital, serves patients in north central Oklahoma. Stillwater Medical will leverage Trace tools such as voice, fax and image management to capture and automate communication surrounding patient care. Trace applications will be implemented to better manage the patient experience, particularly at the front end of scheduled care.

One planned benefit articulated by Renee Swank, Director of Patient Access, is that “our employees will be able to identify areas where we can more clearly communicate with our patients and physicians, and then track those improvements over time.”

Stillwater’s Patient Access team and select Business Office team members will use Trace tools to capture important exchanges that occur in settings such as patient scheduling, pre-admission, financial counseling, pre-authorization and more – whether these take place by phone, email or fax. Built-in quality assurance tools will give leaders deeper insight into factors impacting patient experience and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Lindy Benton, CEO of Vyne Medical, stated, “We are delighted to welcome this partnership with Stillwater Medical, where Trace demonstrates real value in a focused, community setting. We expect to celebrate accomplishments in this new partnership in second half of this year.”

The partnership will build on the quality service the community has come to expect from Stillwater Medical, while providing a set of objective data not previously available. This fits with Vyne’s vision of connecting disconnected data to create a more complete patient record, extending the EHR to include data rich sources such as voice exchanges, faxes, images and data from ancillary systems.


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