Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center Implements Trace to Streamline Physician Order Management

Dunwoody, Ga., March 20, 2013Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center (MHHCC) in southern Indiana today announced its implementation of the Trace® platform in its registration, centralized scheduling and lab areas. The hospital implemented the system primarily to improve management of faxed physician orders and streamline its scheduling workflow.

Trace provides a platform to retrieve voice, fax and electronic communication through a searchable web interface, accessible across departments and facility locations. Employees can locate records using criteria such as patient name or medical record number.

Susan Wagner, Registration Manager at MHHCC, said the hospital made a decision to purchase Trace after hearing about its impact at other hospital clients. Of its impact at MHHCC, Wagner said, “The hospital has seen a difference in how processes are run, and our staff is telling us things are much easier now that they have Trace to back them up.” The staff no longer has to go through rescheduling a patient because of an order being misplaced.

The Trace fax tool, FaxCert, automatically captures inbound and outbound faxes along with supporting information such as sender/recipient, date/time and proof of receipt. Records are indexed by patient and stored in one place for easy retrieval, processing and forwarding.

One month after implementing Trace in three departments, Wagner said the hospital had already logged nearly 8,000 orders in the system. The next phase of implementation will include expansion to radiology for physician order management. “We are going faster than we were before,” says Wagner. “Having this kind of system in place has made for happier physicians, employees and most importantly, happier patients.”

About Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center

MHHCC is a 133-bed facility that has received national recognition for its excellence in patient safety, patient experience and critical care. It serves as a regional health center for all of Dubois and the surrounding counties in southern Indiana. MHHCC was founded in 1951 as part of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary. To learn more about Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center, visit


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