How to Establish Thoughtful Access to Care

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Chelsea Bodnar,

Chief Executive Officer
Montana Pediatrics
April Malan,

Chief Operations Officer
Montana Pediatrics
Kate Lufkin,
Chief Communications Officer
Montana Pediatrics
Mike Else,
Product Manager
Vyne Medical

How to Establish Thoughtful Access to Care

National trends indicate a rise of retail-based clinics, increased adoption of telemedicine, and an overall heightened perception of access to care, but these convenience-care models are often not grounded in a medical home and ultimately result in poor-quality care. Join the leadership team from Montana Pediatrics in this Vyne MedicalⓇ-sponsored webinar as they explore how this perceived increase in access to healthcare is actually resulting in a decrease of overall health for patients.  Sharing national and statewide data, this panel-style webinar moderated by Vyne Medical’s Mike Else, Senior Product Manager; will be led by Chelsea Bodnar, MD, MPhil, FAAP, CEO; Kate Lufkin, Chief Communications Officer; and April Malan, MHA, MLS, ASCPcm, Chief Operations Officer.  While Montana is one of the country’s most frontier states, the expert panel will highlight how lack of access is not just a challenge for rural areas but urban settings as well.  From a Harvard Medical School presidential scholar to one of Northwest Montana’s 20 Under 40 award recipients, Dr. Bodnar will lead this seasoned team and share how healthcare systems can marry an increase in thoughtful access with overall health that is supportive of the medical home through a collaborative effort with state-based providers. 
Register today and make plans to attend this webinar to ensure your patients aren’t feeling the rush and hustle that it takes to deliver the care they deserve.

Learning Objectives


About the Speakers

Chelsea Bodnar, MD, MPhil, FAAP

Chief Executive Officer

Chelsea Bodnar, MD, MPhil, FAAP, is the CEO of Montana Pediatrics. Throughout her career, Dr. Bodnar’s work has focused on improving the quality of primary care for children. She has served as a health policy fellow at the Institute of Medicine, a director of children’s healthcare quality at a large consortium of FQHCs, and a primary care physician for children in a wide range of care settings. Dr. Bodnar’s experience also includes the use of technology to improve screening rates for high-risk children and leading the creation of a pediatric-specific telemedicine platform.

Dr. Bodnar served on the executive committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) section on telemedicine for six years, was a fellow of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and a leadership fellow with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Bodnar was a presidential scholar at Harvard Medical School, a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, and received her BA from Montana State University-Bozeman.

April Malan, MHA
Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer of Montana Pediatrics, April Malan comes to the team with a wealth of rural healthcare operations experience. She started her career as a clinical microbiologist and operations leader where she worked alongside rural providers and larger tertiary care centers to deliver comprehensive and collaborative care for patients living in remote areas. As a motivated and passionate leader, she has a tenacity for innovation and quality care and maintains a focus on improving healthcare access to all patients whilst leveraging technology, relationships, and improvement in logistical footprints across Montana.  April is a member of the American College of Clinical Pathologists and attended The George Washington University where she received both her undergraduate and post-graduate education.

Kate Lufkin
Cheif Communication Officer

Kate Lufkin brings over 15 years of outreach and program development expertise to the Montana Pediatrics team. Over the course of her career, Kate has developed a passion for identifying community-based challenges and bringing siloed organizations and individuals together to work collaboratively toward unique solutions. Today, she enjoys the challenges of a young, rapidly-growing organization. Currently, most of Kate’s work is focused on developing and initiating numerous multi-channel outreach campaigns while maintaining communications oversight in conformance with Montana Pediatrics’ goals.

In 2022, Kate was named one of Northwest Montana’s 20 Under 40 award recipients and prior to her role with Montana Pediatrics was named a 40 Under 40 award recipient by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Professionals for her work in developing innovative community outreach and education programs.

Mike Else
Product Manager

Mike has over a decade of experience working in the B2B SaaS space, primarily as a Product Manager. He has played a key role in guiding the development of several successful applications. While his career has mostly focused on employer-sponsored health insurance, he has recently joined Vyne Medical with the aim of gaining a closer understanding of the patient experience, their relationships with providers, and the impact of health outcomes on people and their loved ones.

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