Harness the power of communication to enhance financial performance and patient experience.

Vyne Medical provides patient-centric solutions to manage and exchange critical voice and digital communications.

Navigate the complex healthcare data landscape with Vyne Medical’s proven suite of digital fax, voice and image management solutions.

Capture and connect interactions with patients, payers and providers – everything from referrals and scheduling, to registrations and discharges. Regardless of whether information is received via fax, phone, in-person, or online, Trace® from Vyne Medical provides technology solutions to streamline workflows, enhance patient experiences and create a healthier revenue cycle.

The Trace® Platform Provides a Simple Solution for Connecting Disconnected Data

Current state of most hospital data

Multiple sources, hardware reliant, paper consumptive, siloed storage, disconnected processes

The Trace Advantage

A connected, centralized, protected, accessible digital repository for virtually all communication events

Trace empowers healthcare leaders to improve financial and staff performance.

By providing centralized management of voice, fax, image, and electronic data and indexing that data to the electronic health record (EHR), Trace enables hospitals and health systems to deliver improved workflows along with enhanced quality and financial performance.

Create a more complete and accessible patient record with a solution built specifically for healthcare.

The Trace solution was designed for healthcare and provides specialized tools to capture a variety of interactions – voice, fax and image – tying them to the patient record within the EHR and making them accessible across the enterprise.

Quickly access and exchange patient data without the frustration of outdated manual processes and disconnected technology.

Achieving sustainable levels of performance means having data at your fingertips when and where you need it to support clinical, financial and administrative outcomes.

Nationwide, more than 800 hospitals and health systems recognize the value of Trace.

The Trace platform can help clients:

  • Prevent and overturn denials
  • Increase POS collections
  • Improve productivity
  • Provide better service to patients and physicians
  • Promote quality assurance and policy adherence
  • Drive consistent employee/patient engagement

Lowell General Hospital improves performance in processing physician orders, payer authorizations, patient encounters with Trace.


Healthcare-centric technology partner

• Proven patient-centric workflows
• HITRUST CSF-certified
• KLAS reviewed

Integrated workflows

• Integration with EHR & HIT systems
• Automation & customization
• Optimized investments


• Consolidated data
• Centralized communication
• Vendor rationalization

Dedicated to your success

• Full-service turnkey implementation
• Top-rated service and support
• 800+ hospital clients

Work with a team that understands how to implement process improvements customized to your unique workflows.

Vyne Medical’s tenured team of professionals are committed to communicating and collaborating before, during and after implementation to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Technical Review


Workflow Assessment

Validation & Testing

Go Live!

Eliminate manual processes for submitting claims and audit documentation

The FastAttach solution provides a fully-electronic option for managing the paperwork associated with supporting claim documentation

FastAttach can help automate the submission and tracking of electronic medical claims and supporting documentation for faster audit responses, reduced manual effort and an improved bottom line.

Submitting for the Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) program? As a CMS Health Information Handler, Vyne Medical has a solution that can make program compliance a breeze. Learn more

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