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Our solutions improve financial performance, enhance patient experiences, foster better staff & physician alignment and ensure compliance for patent safety and quality.

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As a leader in operational and technological solutions for hospitals, healthcare systems, and health plans, we offer many solutions and services in each of these critical areas – from individual technology solutions at the departmental level through extensive gap analysis enterprise-wide.

Best Practice Guidance

Vyne Medical has partnerships with more than 800 hospitals and health systems, and we for more than 17 years, we have been helping clients achieve performance excellence through our products and solution sets. 

Supporting Solutions

Best practices are hardwired through our proven technologies. The Vyne Medical suite of products creates improvements in financial performance, patient experience, physician & staff alignment, and patient safety & quality.

Sustainable Results

We deliver solutions that will help your hospital or health system achieve success. From orders management and denials to workflow tools and workforce dilemmas our solutions are specifically tailored to fit your needs and systems.  

Did you know Trace is the perfect tool to help improve patient experience?

By capturing phone calls, voicemails, face-to-face conversations, faxes and screen shots, Trace is able to completely document a patient's journey and index it to their account. This helps to clear up miscommunications, prevent denials, and reassure hospital staff that they have proof of a job well done.  

But that's enough from us. Here's what others had to say about how well Trace works...


Trace has enabled us to restore good working relationships with our physicians and their office staff by streamlining the paperwork process and eliminating the hassle of doing business with the hospital. We all know that happy customers will come back. -- Director of Patient Access in Florida


We're here to provide excellent customer service. In a face-to-face interview with a patient, we can tell someone one thing, and they may hear something else. Just as it is with a phone call, it's quite beneficial to have a recording of the conversation to review and use as a tool for training and improvement. That is what the Trace Face-to-Face recording application provides. -- Manager of Patient Access, Atlanta Medical Center


We record our pre-registration interview with patients. Our staff love it because if a patient is upset about something, they come to me and say, 'You might want to listen to this recording. What else could I have said? What could I have done differently?' It gives me the opportunity to sit down with the staff, listen to the interview and give them some really meaningful feedback. -- Director of Onsite Patient Access in Washington


By doing QA checks of our recorded calls on a monthly basis, we can ensure that scheduling and registration staff are following script and providing complete and accurate information to our patients. -- Director of Patient Access in Florida


— How to Better Your Patient Experience

Proven Technologies


The Trace platform delivers centralized management of voice, fax, image and electronic communication for improved workflow, quality and financial performance. The Trace software easily integrates with systems already in place including most EHRs.


Providers can improve their bottom line, speed-up audit responses and eliminate manual paper processes for claim adjudication by using the FastAttach software in conjunction with their electronic medical claims. Submit and track supporting documentation more efficiently with the FastAttach software.


The ClaraLink service gives patients, providers and caregivers 24/7 access to their recorded discharge instructions. Improve patient compliance and quality with consistent messaging.


The Vyne® Exchange Platform simplifies communication management for payers and health plans.

Healthcare payers send and receive massive amounts of paper documentation and handle thousands of calls weekly. Until now, there was no way to manage and link all of that member data via a single system. Find out more about the Vyne Exchange Platform today.

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