Adding Voice to Healthcare Content Management

Voice communication is perhaps the most critical type of communication in healthcare, yet often the most difficult to manage.

Trace provides your team with the unique capability of managing voice communication in combination with other critical content such as fax correspondence or document images.

All records, including voice, are centralized for quick access and are searchable by patient, document type, department or any custom field.

The highly-integrated Trace solution interfaces seamlessly with existing systems and provides the healthcare-specific tools needed to help teams achieve predictable performance excellence.

  • Dashboards and reports
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Robust integration capabilities
  • Customizable data fields
  • Auto alert tools
  • Desktop voice, fax and document tools
  • Work assignments
  • Group notifications
  • Customizable workflows

Additional modules are available, such as Trace Quality Assurance (TQA), which allows the recording and scoring of verbal communication to hardwire predictable verbal communication within teams and significantly improve communication quality, staff and physician alignment, patient experience and financial performance.