Changing the Tone of Patient Access at Floyd Health

Do you ever receive complaints from physicians about employee behavior? Do patients ever claim they received contradictory information from different associates?

At Floyd Health in Rome, Georgia, leaders wanted to get to the root of these and other scenarios by establishing objective proof of encounters in Patient Access. Proof came in the form of recordings of employee exchanges, both over the phone and in-person. To record these conversations, Floyd Health leveraged the Trace® platform from Vyne Medical, which the hospital’s authorization team was already using to record phone calls with insurance companies.

The recording process not only established definitive proof of encounters, but it completely transformed the team’s quality review process. Over an 18-month period, employee quality metrics improved from 70 percent of employees scoring a C or below to 90 percent scoring an A. The team achieved this while exceeding its goals for revenue collections.

Recordings provide valuable insight into the intricacies of patient interactions that leaders can’t see in productivity reports. Using these recordings, hospital leadership now has a more accurate picture of the patient’s registration experience and can answer questions such as, “What tone did the registrar use with the patient? Did the registrar ask the appropriate meaningful use questions? Did the registrar attempt to collect payment?”

Yolanda Miller, BSHA, CHAM, is Director of Patient Access at Floyd Health and the current president of the Georgia Access Management Association. She and Aljeana Howard, Strategic Account Development Executive with Vyne Medical, recently presented the health system’s comprehensive strategy for improving the quality of patient encounters as part of the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) Online Experience.

The session, “Changing the Tone of Patient Access,” covers the seven key areas in which representatives are scored and the process used to incorporate reviews into employee performance evaluations. Takeaways include the criteria, scorecards and reports used to track quality performance, as well as the impact on patient experience, staff support, process compliance, collections, and more.

Watch the recent NAHAM Online Experience presentation below to learn more about how Floyd Health is Changing the Tone of Patient Access:

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