Connecting Healthcare Data: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Connecting disconnected data has been the key driver of Vyne Medical for more than 20 years. Throughout the last two decades, we’ve developed a longstanding relationship with the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) and its members. Participation in NAHAM’s conferences and webinars have played a key role in our development and growth as an organization. When their in-person conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, we eagerly pitched in to support the organization’s Online Experience with both sponsorship and content.

We sponsored the first day of their virtual event on September 9th from 10 am to 3 pm ET. Hundreds of NAHAM members joined remotely throughout the day, attending sessions which included our webinar event: “Connecting Healthcare Data: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” In our “Back to the Future” themed session, we invited participants to take a seat inside of our DeLorean as we took a journey through time to explore where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going in healthcare.

Yesterday: Great, Scott!

Scott Overholt, Chief Development Officer at Vyne reviewed our history as an organization including our long-standing, proud sponsorship of NAHAM which has helped us connect and improve the workflow of Patient Access leaders across the country. During the 20 years we’ve been serving the healthcare industry, we’ve partnered with and provided solutions to more than 800 hospitals and health systems.

NAHAM events have been the platform for some of our organization’s most significant advancements. In 2007, we launched the Trace® platform at the annual conference and nine years later we unveiled the Vyne Medical® brand. In 2018, we were honored to receive NAHAM’s Murray Rimmer Award for our longstanding partnership with their organization. We look forward to furthering our relationship in the  years to come!

Today: 2020 – What a year!

We’ve been helping healthcare organizations manage and simplify their data more effectively for quite some time. In a year filled with uncertainty, we’re working hard to bring stability to hospitals and healthcare systems by helping to provide seamless work-from-home capabilities, improved workflow processes, enhanced management oversight, and new contactless solutions that are enabling hospitals to safely and efficiently maintain and improve their operations.

Work From Home

We offer a variety of products that enable a number of patient access functions to work from home. Using Trace, team members are able to seamlessly maintain in-office workflows and hospital best practices from the safety and convenience of their home offices. At the same time, management is able to monitor their hospital program compliance and productivity through our suite of quality assurance products.

Contactless Patient Intake Forms

Digitized patient intake forms enable hospital staff to request key documentation from patients with a click of the button. Patients receive a link by text or email where they can submit requested information back to the hospital. Once the documents are received, the file is automatically uploaded into Trace to be indexed to the patient record. This process minimizes contact, speeds up on-site interactions, and helps to improve patient satisfaction.

Seamless System Integrations

At its core, Trace is a workflow management platform that enables providers to digitally share documents, easily automate processes and thereby enhance the speed and quality of the entire operation. By seamlessly integrating with other systems, Trace enables a bi-directional exchange of data via HL7 messages, API and web services, file sharing, and more. This exchange removes manual touches to help eliminate keystrokes which enhances staff productivity and leads to improved patient care. 

Cloud Fax Functionality

Cloud-based, healthcare-specific fax functionality makes Trace the ideal solution to a hospital or health system’s enterprise-wide fax needs. Our cloud fax functionality:

  • Integrates with electronic health records, revolutionizing workflows
  • Captures incoming and outgoing faxes, eliminating the need to print and scan
  • Facilitates interdepartmental access for efficient scheduling, authorization, and reimbursement
  • Does the work of multiple vendors, enabling consolidation and cost savings

Tomorrow: “Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”

We are committed to ongoing innovation and are always considering opportunities to drive additional client value. Through customer feedback, we navigate our product roadmap to satisfy the ongoing needs of our clients and the industry. As we look ahead, we are excited to release new products that will enhance our quality assurance applications, provide additional automation, drive new cloud-based solutions, and continue to support our healthcare clients as we find new ways to leverage the benefits of connecting disconnected data.

Watch our recent NAHAM Online Experience presentation below to learn even more about Trace, how our solutions are helping providers confront today’s challenges, and how we’re innovating for tomorrow.

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