Harnessing the Advantages of Cloud Fax in Healthcare

Healthcare’s need for a seamless fax process that streamlines operations

Thriving healthcare systems are taking proactive steps to embrace change and transition towards electronic communications.  To ensure high quality patient care and comply with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) updated regulations, healthcare systems need an efficient, seamless fax process that streamlines operations and helps organizations achieve their goals.

Cloud-based faxing empowers staff & reduces on-premise equipment

A recent study revealed that a growing 37% of healthcare organizations have adopted a cloud-based fax solution, a cost-effective, paperless method for sharing documents that falls under the HIMSS category of “foundational interoperability.”

Cloud faxing empowers healthcare system teams to efficiently manage large volumes of sensitive documents and urgent communications by using cloud fax technology and traditional telecom services to send faxes, reducing the need for on-premise equipment.

Various cloud fax vendors are available, featuring diverse options, but it is crucial for healthcare organizations to evaluate their specific needs and compare the offerings of different vendors.

Vyne Medical’s Refyne Cloud Fax innovates in the healthcare industry

While every cloud fax vendor has its own distinct features and qualities, Vyne MedicalⓇ’s RefyneⓇ Cloud Fax is healthcare specific and stands out as a leader in the healthcare industry.

Integrating with both clinical and non-clinical workflows, this healthcare-specific, enterprise cloud faxing solution supports various methods of delivery, but its exceptional strength lies in its ability to integrate and serve as an outbound fax engine for the existing EMR, enabling the electronic transmission of a multitude of lab results, orders, automated reporting, and release of information requests for the EMR itself.

Single vendor supporting email fax, cold feed, and HL7 integrations

The versatile Refyne Cloud Fax solution streamlines communication for healthcare organizations by supporting Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) and enabling seamless email fax (bi-directionally) along with cold feed integrations.

Empowering natural and efficient healthcare connectivity, Refyne Cloud Fax also supports HL7 integration to facilitate effortless communication between healthcare providers and third-party applications.

Additionally, Refyne Cloud Fax enhances a healthcare organization’s operations through:

  • Real-Time Network – Due to time sensitivity in healthcare, faxes do not queue up for delivery and instead, start sending within 30 seconds.
  • Time-division multiplexing backbone (TDM) – Fewer transmission errors means an improved success rate for faxes and elevated patient care and experience.
  • Encrypted Exchange Network (SEN) – Instant fax delivery with close to 7 million endpoints. If a fax number is on our network, it means successful transmissions.

Reduce fax helpdesk tickets for IT departments

When you partner with Vyne Medical you also have a dedicated support team to assist with fax related queries, saving  IT departments valuable time as they no longer have to handle fax related helpdesk tickets.  Additionally, the removal of physical fax machines results in substantial cost savings by eliminating the maintenance and support expenses typically associated with them.

As a single vendor that can handle a healthcare facility’s faxing workloads, Refyne Cloud Fax can be paired with Vyne Medical’s TraceⓇ platform or serve as a stand-alone solution.  Interested in learning how Refyne Cloud Fax can meet the unique processes and data needs for each service area in your organization?  Visit


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