Creating Meaningful Patient Connections

At Vyne Medical, we’re all about connecting disconnected data. But we know there’s a lot more to connecting than the integration of data and technology. Our ultimate goal is to help you create meaningful connections between and with your people – employees, patients and caregivers.

Hospitals and health systems leveraging the Trace® platform can record, connect and analyze daily encounters to improve communication quality and reinforce best practices. The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), for example, has established best practices for patient financial communications to “bring consistency, clarity and transparency” to patient discussions.

Trace supports the implementation of patient financial communications best practices by helping hospitals:

  • Set the right tone
  • Use standard language
  • Tell patients that support is available
  • Ensure that the right technology is in place
  • Educate staff

Every patient encounter represents an opportunity for your hospital to establish its brand identity and reinforce your mission not only through what your associates say, but how they say it. The tone – and the caring and compassion behind it – shows patients who your health system is and what you stand for.

Any time an associate speaks with a patient – whether by phone, in person or a live chat – creates an opportunity to connect and engage on a personal level. Meaningful and empathetic interactions build loyalty and foster satisfaction among patients. When recorded through Trace, these connections can provide a rich data source for ongoing insight into consumer experiences and behavior.

Trace voice solutions capture key elements discussed during scheduling, pre-registration, admission, and beyond. Every encounter is indexed to the patient account and centrally stored for access across the enterprise. With a complete record of patient interactions across all departments, hospitals can determine exactly what information patients receive at each touchpoint. This helps reduce redundancy, ensuring that patients aren’t asked for the same information multiple times by different team members. It also helps leaders identify discrepancies, resolve points of confusion and ensure consistency across departments.

Trace provides a variety of methods to assess the quality of recorded encounters:

  • Audio search: search recordings for keywords and phrases
  • Screen recording: view an associate’s computer activity synced to the corresponding voice recording
  • Quality scoring: establish a standard scorecard for the objective measurement of associate encounters
  • Reporting: track and trend quality performance over time

Hospital leaders assess Trace recordings to identify opportunities for improvement and to gain insight into behaviors that make top-performers successful. Based on these reviews, supervisors can provide ongoing training to address challenging scenarios, as well as scripting to assist employees in handling difficult conversations while ensuring that compassion, patient advocacy and education are part of every interaction.

Discover how Trace can help your organization hardwire best practices in patient financial communications. Contact us to schedule a call with one of our Vyne Medical healthcare solution experts today


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