Patient Experience in the News

One of the biggest discussions in healthcare right now is patient experience. Want to learn what experts are saying? Below is a collection of interesting reads.

Revenue cycle expert: The patient is the new payer

Patient experience is evaluated beyond the medical care received.  “You can do everything perfectly but when the bill comes the patient could still have some pretty negative things to say if that process wasn’t engaged and focused on them,” says Jonathan Wiik, TransUnion Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle leader. “It’s important for providers to engage patients early through whatever mechanism they can.” Similar to retail, if a consumer has a pleasant experience while shopping, but a negative encounter when paying for their items, they may rate their overall service as poor. Read more here.


3 thoughts on how to improve patient financial experience

As health systems focus on patient experience, it is critical to include financial encounters in the mix improve satisfaction scores.  Becker’s Hospital Review shares how hospitals improve patient financial experience through collaborating directly with the patient. James Green, a national partner with Advisory Board’s revenue cycle management division, shares his thoughts here.


Defining and Measuring the Patient Financial Experience

The era of consumerism in healthcare is here! Patients are more invested in their healthcare decisions than ever before. As a result, healthcare organizations are treating patients more like customers, implementing best practice standards and channeling various initiatives to improve the patient’s experience. Learn more here.


About Trace

Trace by Vyne Medical is a solution used by several teams across the country looking to create a more complete patient record while collecting data to analyze the quality of interactions between patients and staff. It’s given healthcare leaders visibility into their own operations and held internal and external parties accountable. In turn this has allowed for the patient to have a standardized experience no matter which facility they visit, what type of care they receive, or whom they engage with.

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