Screen Recording

Trace Quality Assurance (TQA) provides a platform for hospitals to perform consistent, objective quality assurance of staff communication – creating predictable communication performance and improving patient experience.

TQA leverages the hospital’s repository of phone calls, face-to-face recordings, and now, screen recordings for reliable quality scoring.

Get the full picture with TQA Screen Recording. TQA Screen Recording offers you the ability to further drive compliance and quality objectives within the hospital by allowing you to track the entire patient’s experience, from audio to visual.

Developed in partnership with several Trace clients, TQA’s screen recording abilities allow for an even more complete picture of a patient’s journey through your health system, hospital or other healthcare facility.

What is it?

Screen recording is a Windows application that was initially developed in to provide post call playback of both audio and desktop recordings within TQA.

Screen recording provides additional value to TQA by adding video to existing audio recordings. Managers can recreate an entire event by not only hearing the recording, but also seeing the video of what was happening on an agent’s screen. By utilizing this type of technology, organizations can further drive compliance and quality objectives for their staff.


  • Records up to two monitors at one FPS
  • Audio Syncing
  • Full screen viewing mode option
  • Complements TQA audio to add an additional element for measuring productivity and compliance
  • Easy to manage and use for recording and playback

How does it work?

Screen Recording is a desktop application that generates a one frame per second (FPS) recording that is transferred to the cloud or server infrastructure, processed, then delivered to the host server for playback within TQA.