Using Clinical Workflow Automation for Patient Access

Automation can feel like an idealistic, future state, nice-to-have-someday sort of thing. But not anymore. It’s here now and it’s poised to help you drive outcomes like profitability, productivity, engagement, and more.

Vyne Medical recently announced the launch of new auto-indexing* functionality to help streamline hospital administrative functions for users of its Trace® platform. Auto-indexing accurately transforms documents and unstructured patient information into structured, shareable data for use across health systems.

In a recent webinar, we shared details on the new Auto-Indexing service and the exciting results experienced by their pilot customers. Here is an overview of what was covered during the one-hour session:

What is Auto-Indexing?

Auto-indexing is technology that takes incoming data and automatically reads it and converts it into text. What we’re able to do with this is where we really shine. With our auto-indexing technology, we are able to seamlessly incorporate information directly into fields of the patient record reducing, and in some cases eliminating, manual data entry.

How does it work?

Leveraging machine learning and form recognition technology, Auto-indexing reads incoming text and maps it to targeted fields in Trace. The software is trained to recognize patterns within the unstructured forms and convert it to structured data. This conversion process is able to extract the captured demographic data and map it to the appropriate patient record within Trace.

What are the benefits?

While there are many benefits, the outcomes of auto-indexing can be bucketed into three key categories: speed and productivity, financial performance, and quality and satisfaction. Automation streamlines workflows and reduces steps resulting in the ability to work more efficiently and accomplish more. This can have a direct impact on a hospital’s bottom line and staff satisfaction.

clinical workflow automation

What benefits are clients experiencing?

Pilot clients experienced the following key benefits:

  • Time savings
  • Productivity increases
  • Resource alignment
  • Cost reduction
  • Revenue generation

According to one of our pilot partners at Mercy Medical Center, “Auto-Indexing has been a seamless process and has greatly improved our accuracy, productivity and patient experience.”

Some of Mercy Medical Center’s key outcomes include:

  • Time Savings: Schedulers saved 40 percent of their overall processing time

  • Service: Abandoned call percentage dropped from 10 percent to 4.1 percent

  • Efficiency: Hold time reduced from 1-2 minutes to 30 seconds

What is the ideal fit for auto-indexing?

Initial pilot best practices show Auto-indexing to be best suited for the following:

  • High volume forms: Faxes selected for auto-indexing should account for a significant portion of weekly volume so data can be extracted in a consistent, repeatable manner.

  • Compatible data fields: Faxes should contain fields (such as name, address blocks, etc.) instead of checkboxes, bubbles, etc.

How accurate is the data?

In our pilot projects, we discovered auto-indexing has a 96% accuracy rate. The 4% of errors were due to the limitation of data, low quality images, or the orientation of faxed forms being collected.

How much ‘technical lift’ is required for a Trace client to begin using auto-indexing?

The most difficult task for our clients is selecting the forms they want to have automatically indexed. Once that’s decided, the Vyne Medical team trains the system to learn the forms. The best part is that all of this happens behind the scenes so once it’s live, auto-indexing is up and running and ready to work its magic.

Auto-Indexing is available now and requires Trace 8.0 functionality. If you’re an existing client and ready to get started, please reach out to your account rep. If you’d like to learn more about Trace or auto-indexing, please contact us to schedule a call with one of our Vyne Medical healthcare solution experts today.



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