Solution Spotlight: Trace Cloud Fax

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There are several options available to your organization when you decide to evolve your enterprise-wide fax engine. A healthcare-specific solution will address your unique workflows and challenges, whereas generic options often provide limited functionality. As you evaluate the current state and future of your fax engine, consider the benefits of leveraging a technology that seamlessly integrates with your electronic health record (EHR) and document management systems, allowing you to easily index data, create customized reports and revolutionize your workflows.

Why choose the Trace Cloud Fax™ solution?

  1. Trace Cloud Fax is a healthcare-specific, cloud-based faxing engine with patient-centric features including: text reminders, snooze, direct messaging, and confirmation of scheduled appointments.
  2. Trace can be integrated with virtually any EHR platform, giving you the ability to index data to the patient record and centralize workflows within your EHR to streamline operations and tasks.
  3. No more printing and no more scanning. Trace Cloud Fax connects to existing fax machines and can help to eliminate phone lines, paper and toner.

To learn more, check out our Trace Cloud Fax brochure.

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