Texas Health Resources: Documenting Communication to Improve Patient Satisfaction

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Patient satisfaction has been a concern for many health care leaders over the last decade, and with satisfaction scores now representing a portion of an organization’s value-based reimbursement, it has become an even greater focus. As a result, many organizations are looking to improve processes that have the potential to impact patient satisfaction.

Patient access functions represent one area for improvement as a significant amount of patient contact occurs during these front-end processes. For example, Academy research indicates that 29% of the organizations surveyed have a centralized “schedgistration” process to collect comprehensive patient information in a single call, eliminating redundancies that may occur with separate scheduling and pre-registration calls.

To effectively manage patient communications, and thus increase patient satisfaction, some organizations have implemented solutions that record conversations between staff and patients. To learn more about the process of recording communications and the potential benefits, The Academy recently spoke with Patti Consolver, the Director of Patient Access and Strategic Revenue Services for Texas Health Resources—a health system with 14 wholly-owned hospitals.

To read the case study published by Healthcare Business Insights, click here.


  • Texas Health has been able to use recordings in conjunction with patient satisfaction surveys to improve the entire patient experience
  • If a patient has a complaint, Texas Health can review the entire encounter and identify the exact cause of the complaint
  • Texas Health can also use the recording to educate staff members regarding opportunities to improve their communication procedures

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