Case Study

CentraState Improves Denial Management Process with Trace

With Academy of Healthcare Revenue research showing that 11% of all claims are initially denied, managing denials can be a time consuming and labor intensive process. One of the most effective ways to overturn a denial is to communicate the evidence in favor of payment back to the payer. With 40% of Academy surveyed healthcare organizations looking to improve their net revenue through denial management, CentraState Medical Center provides an example of a successful denial management initiative that focuses on capturing the necessary documentation.

As a community hospital in New Jersey serving a diverse population, CentraState Medical Center recognized the potential for net revenue improvement by improving its insurance verification and denial management processes. The Academy recently spoke with Gaye Werblin, Director of Patient Access, and other medical center administrators about the benefits Trace by Vyne Medical has provided CentraState Medical Center.

To read the case study published by Healthcare Business Insights, click here.


  • CentraState Medical Center was able to increase the number of denials overturned, including claims ranging from $800 to $20,476
  • CentraState Medical Center was able to decrease its printing costs as a result of the electronic tool
  • By reviewing a majority of calls, customer service and employee professionalism have greatly improved

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