Case Study

Lowell General Hospital: Trace and Revenue Cycle Integrity

Lowell General implemented Trace in 2010 as part of its revenue cycle integrity program. Trace provides a back-up for the team’s daily efforts to schedule, authorize and coordinate patient care with accuracy and efficiency. Phone calls, faxes, web visits, medical records – even face-to-face conversations – are captured and centrally stored for immediate access across the health system.

Below are results highlighted in the study:

  • Reduced denials
  • Reduced AR days
  • Improved turnaround time on record requests
  • Improved physician satisfaction
  • Reduced paper costs

To read a digital version of the Lowell General Hospital case study, click here.

About Lowell General Hospital

Lowell General Hospital is a 396-bed community hospital that serves the greater Lowell, Massachusetts region, about 30 miles outside of Boston.

Lowell is a very competitive market, with six community hospitals vying for market share, all trying not to lose patients to the tertiary medical centers of Boston. Thus, differentiating the hospital based on the quality of service provided and customer satisfaction is critical.

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