Webinar: The Advantages of Automation and Automation Possibilities in 2023 with Nio Queiro


    The Advantages of Automation and Automation Possibilities in 2023 By reducing errors and redundant tasks, automation creates time for decisions that require human intelligence.  In this exclusive Vyne Medical-sponsored webinar, Nio Queiro, Tufts University Masters in Public Health program adjunct professor and SVP of Revenue Cycle for Tufts Medical Center, will explore why […]


Financial Challenges Facing Hospitals & How To Solve Them


Two years later, hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities continue to recover from devastating financial losses created by the COVID-19 public health crisis that began in 2020.  For hospital administrators, it must feel like a losing battle that allows only one step forward while guaranteeing four steps back.  Still, they manage to provide top levels […]


Vyne Medical: Promoting Sustainability


With a commitment to environmental sustainability, the Vyne Medical® organization values the opportunity to help minimize the ecological footprints of healthcare organizations by reducing their consumption of paper and other natural resources.  Throughout 2022, Vyne Medical supported additional green efforts that helped restore ecosystems, protect water quality, and conserve natural habitats and wildlife. Over the […]


Take Our 2-Minute Survey: Do You Currently Have a Virtual Registration Solution?


Your feedback plays an important role in medical innovation. Vyne Medical is currently assessing the need or current use of virtual-assisted intake in your hospital or healthcare system. With the ability to elevate the patient experience while solving staffing and profit margin challenges, virtual-assisted intake can create a streamlined workflow process in your healthcare organization. […]


Addressing Staff Shortages in Healthcare Through Technology  


Staffing shortages are now the nation’s top patient safety concern. To meet the needs of a growing patient base, facilities have sought ways to keep emergency rooms and critical care units staffed. These included shifting qualified health care personnel from administration back into temporary clinical positions, borrowing healthcare personnel (HCPs) from other facilities, and allowing […]


The Coming Logistical Issue for Health Care Systems Like Yours


With a future logistical issue looming, many health care systems will soon face a challenge.   Through the implementation of smart technology, health care systems can solve the problem while also recovering lost revenue and improving the patient experience. Hospital operations were recently impacted when a major Electronic Health Records (EHR) provider for physician practices […]


EP 5 : Leveraging Technology in Patient Access: A Podcast


Scott Overholt, Chief Business Officer of Vyne Medical®, will be featured in The Wilshire IT RevCast, a podcast by The Wilshire Group on October 5th. Hosted by Daniel Bianchini and Evan Martin, the episode will focus on Leveraging Technology in Healthcare/Patient Access. “In the hospital market, the front-end of the revenue cycle is often referred […]


Mastering Revenue Cycle Metrics


Revenue cycle metrics and management are critical to the financial success of healthcare institutions. In the ongoing effort to master your revenue cycle performance, it helps to know the key performance indicators to track. Below, the professionals at Vyne Medical describe four essential metrics to use in identifying your organization’s RCM strengths and weaknesses: Rate […]


Best Practices for Optimizing Patient Registration


Optimizing patient registration is one important step in the journey to making your healthcare institution a more efficient entity. For example, an effective patient registration process is a critical aspect of minimizing denials.  While the root cause of denials can occur anywhere in the revenue cycle, you’re more likely to see an issue at the […]


What is Medical Billing and Coding? Exploring the Fundamentals


Proper medical billing and coding can help ensure that your organization is reimbursed for the care it provides to its patients. Did you know that as many as one in five claims are denied or delayed? We all know that the best defense is a good offense. Similarly, preventing denials from occurring in the first […]

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