Workflow Assessments Offer Insights for Productivity Improvement


To effectively set goals for productivity improvement, revenue cycle leaders need an accurate baseline from which to drive team efforts. It can be challenging, however, to know how long revenue cycle tasks can or should take. By setting accurate benchmarks, providers can make more informed decisions about staffing, resources and technology investments. Simplify, Connect and […]


Addressing Data Management Challenges of COVID-19


In March 2020, hospital administrators across the country began receiving requests for daily reports of COVID-19 data for use in coordinating the federal government’s pandemic response. Data requests – including requirements for reports on testing, capacity, supplies, utilization, and patient flows – were the first of many needed to inform critical decisions about how to […]


Five Patient Registration Best Practices


Streamlining your patient registration system will set up your organization for greater success.  By improving the efficiency and accuracy of your patient registration process, you can significantly lower your number of claim denials, and in turn, see better bottom lines quarter after quarter. An effective patient registration system will lessen the denials your organization sees […]


Digital Transformation: 5 Technology Imperatives to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization


Technology supports providers and their ability to effectively serve patients. Data management and communication exchange solutions represent a technology category with enormous potential to help hospitals leverage existing data to meet the clinical, financial and care coordination needs of their patients. Healthcare professionals have long relied upon siloed systems for their data management needs. Paper-based […]


Modern Trends in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the healthcare industry to adapt, and to adapt quickly, accelerating more efficient and engaging patient access processes. Many of these modern trends in healthcare have evolved with the purpose of transitioning manual and contact-driven operations to a variety of digital alternatives. The key problem these transitions work to solve is […]


Work-from-home Cost Saving Opportunities for Healthcare


Finding new ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency is a priority for most organizations, regardless of industry. Assets and expenses can often be stretched thin, which is why finding solutions to do more with less has become a primary focus. Of the numerous ways to save money, a remote workforce has proven to be […]


10 Key Facts Hospitals Should Know About Denials in 2021


Aside from the number one goal of providing quality patient care, hospital and health system executives will tell you that driving revenue is key. Keeping the doors open and lights on – especially in today’s tumultuous post-pandemic business climate, has become more challenging than ever. Organizations are constantly seeking ways to generate revenue and sustain […]


Auto-Indexing Technology Connects Data to Patient


A new survey of provider CFOs and operations executives shows that, over the past year, the number of hospitals and health systems using automation technologies has tripled. Half of respondents said their hospitals are monitoring automation technologies to improve accuracy and reduce costs, and of these, 38 percent are already experiencing positive results. “The pressure […]

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