Emerging from COVID – New Technologies and Connection Strategies


COVID-19 has changed healthcare operations in countless ways, and some speculate these changes could remain long after the pandemic fades. New ways of conducting business have emerged with processes such as contactless registration, visitation restrictions and work-from-home policies. Providers have been actively implementing technologies to support these processes, enabling teams to work remotely while striving […]


Using Automation to Optimize Patient Access Workflow


In the face of rising healthcare costs, hospitals are looking for new ways to drive efficiency and reduce waste. Learn how new technology from Vyne Medical can automate administrative tasks like form completion, medical record transfer and claim submission. Workflow automation reduces cost and inefficiency by eliminating the need to manually open documents, search for […]


Improve Quality, Financial Performance, and Patient Experience with Trace


Yolanda Miller, Patient Access Director at Floyd Medical Center, shares diverse perspectives on the implementation and impact of Trace® software across her health system. Floyd Medical Center leverages the full breadth of voice, fax and image tools built into the Trace platform. The presentation shares use cases from numerous areas including scheduling, insurance verification, pre-registration, […]


Changing the Tone of Patient Access with Trace


Floyd Health shares its innovative strategy to ensure the quality of patient encounters in registration. Representatives are scored in 7 key areas, and monthly scores aggregate into annual reviews. Over an 18-month period, Patient Access improved its quality metric from 70 percent scoring a C or below, to 90 percent scoring an A. The team […]


Connecting Healthcare Data: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


In this webinar, Vyne’s team of thought leaders take you on a Back to the Future journey detailing Vyne’s rich history, a look at how clients are leveraging our Trace® solution to confront the unique data management challenges hospitals are facing in 2020, and a peek into our future roadmap that includes innovative products like […]


Patient Access Transformation at Mercy Medical Center


Patient Access at Mercy Medical transformed a struggling unit to a robust call center that schedules both hospital services and physician office appointments. Mercy had been drowning in paper, losing orders and receiving frequent complaints. Transformations – including a digital workflow for orders and QA process for calls – improved outcomes so significantly that Patient […]


Developing a Best-In-Class Quality Review Program


Variation in revenue cycle quality leads to issues with denials, delays and increased costs. Methods are needed to ensure consistency so that efficient and effective billing can occur. Moffitt Cancer Center launched a quality department to conduct consistent, unbiased quality assurance in the revenue cycle. Quality auditors oversee training and system support for the revenue […]


Work-From-Home Solutions for Healthcare Employees in Response to COVID-19


In this era of social distancing and optimizing hospital space, non-patient facing roles are increasingly transitioning to a work-from-home model. Trace® from Vyne Medical can help teams create, access and share sensitive information like voice recording and digital faxes. Our panel of subject matter experts along with Lynne Hildreth, Director of Patient Access at Moffitt […]


3 Keys to Winning Against Clinical Denials


Community Health Network shares best practices used to reduce denials and streamline denial management efforts across the continuum. Efforts include collaboration among clinical and revenue cycle teams, a focus on front-end prevention and a team approach with clearly defined processes for each role. In 2018 alone, the network recovered $39 million in clinical denials as […]


Enhancing Quality of Face-to-Face Encounters for a Better Consumer Experience


Floyd Health shares its innovative strategy to ensure the quality of patient encounters in registration. Floyd has implemented face-to-face recording from Vyne Medical® and a QA process to score the quality of these face-to-face interactions. Representatives are scored in 7 key areas, and monthly quality scores aggregate into annual reviews. Over a period of 18 […]

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