Experience Intelligent Workflow Automation with Cloud Faxing

Featuring automated worklists integrated with your electronic health record (EHR), cloud faxing within Trace delivers advanced levels of interoperability, security and reliability not found in other fax systems.

When it comes to fax solutions for healthcare, not all products are created equal. Traditional fax machines are rapidly disappearing in lieu of digital faxing which is a positive move towards more efficient data management. At Vyne Medical, we believe the real power of digital fax goes beyond just sending and receiving files – our cloud faxing solution enables hospitals to capture, automate, manage, and exchange patient data in ways that turns faxed information into a business driver instead of an administrative burden.

Beyond e-Faxing

The Trace® platform offers tools to capture virtually any interaction, tie it to the patient record and make it accessible across the enterprise for more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination, and reimbursement of care. Stop passing paperwork and start leveraging the power of integrated information.

Use as a single-department or enterprise-wide solution

Trace fax functionality can be customized to meet the unique processes and data needs of each service area in your organization. Even remote employees have encrypted access to captured information, giving them data they need to work efficiently from practically anywhere.

Our products provide integration solutions that facilitate the secure, automatic sharing of records between systems and with other providers without manual intervention.

Consolidate technology vendors

Trace offers a comprehensive platform to capture all forms of communication – fax, voice, images, and documents.

Integrate with existing technology

Integration offers the ability to index down to a specific patient visit, centralizing workflows within your EHR and streamlining operations.

Improve process workflows

Reduce steps in your processes, improving departmental performance and workflow efficiency.

Learn more about Cloud Fax and Vyne Medical’s commitment to advancing the adoption of digital faxing across healthcare.

Key Reasons to Choose Trace’s Cloud Fax Functionality

Committed to your Success

• Ability to scale the system as needs grow and change
• Reliable, cloud-based service
• Subscription packages provide reliable costs based upon usage
• Continued use of existing fax numbers without the cost of phone lines

Healthcare-Centric Processes

• Healthcare-specific fax integration
• Digital inbound/outbound faxing to help eliminate printing and scanning
• Improved security of incoming and outgoing faxes
• Worklist driven, customizable workflows, and reporting capabilities

Integrated Workflows

• Fast, guaranteed fax delivery with no busy signals or errors
• Seamless EHR and document management solution integrations
• Indexed data directly to the patient record
• Fax, voice, and image integration
• Streamlined fax processing workflows

Centralized Platform

• Consolidation and cost savings in a centralized platform for fax, voice and image capture
• Cost savings and efficiency gains from a reduction of telecom, servers and other fees
• Interdepartmental access for efficient scheduling, authorization and reimbursement of care
• Enterprise-wide support capabilities

Ask us how the Trace Cloud Fax solution can simplify fax management and automate workflows for your teams.

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