Improving Work Culture and Productivity with Trace

A transformational solution that records, captures, and consolidates 

After watching a demo of the TraceⓇ platform at the National Association of Healthcares Access Management (NAHAM) annual conference, Angie Schweer, Patient Access Manager at Stillwater Medical, was convinced that software would make life easier for her and her team.  She persistently requested the Oklahoma healthcare system to consider the Trace platform, and her diligence paid off. Stillwater Medical joined 800+ hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide with its decision to adopt the Trace solution for their organization.

As a daily user of Trace, Angie shared, “I advocated for it, and it was well worth it.  I’ve been here for 29 years.  This is the best product I have ever used in managing a scheduling department.  I wouldn’t want to do my job without it.”

“We live in Trace,” Angie explained, “It helps our lives so much.”  She and six other schedulers call patients for 140 – 150 physicians across three different Stillwater locations, scheduling for various modalities.   As Angie and her team previously worked off of paper, she detailed that Trace has completely “changed the way we work.”  The scheduling department now uses Trace to answer and record phone conversations, to capture incoming faxes, and to consolidate patient information in a centralized location.

Increased productivity working from home

“When we had paper, I couldn’t send people home to work,” Angie explained. Trace’s ability to electronically capture and consolidate information helped Stillwater Medical make the transition to work from home, and Angie reported more orders processed and more patients called and put on the schedule than ever before.  “People are more productive at home when they don’t have the distractions of the office,” Angie observed.

607 patient orders saved with Refyne Cloud Fax

When an incident occurred in a Stillwater Medical server room, Angie’s appreciation grew for Vyne Medical’s cloud-based feature, RefyneⓇ Cloud Fax. While the medical center was able to receive some orders through voice and email, they could not access their inbound faxes; during this time, the orders received via fax weren’t missing–they were just waiting for Angie and her team in the cloud.  Following the motherboard’s repair and Trace reactivation, 607 inbound fax orders were immediately available. “That would have been 607 patient orders lost if they weren’t in the cloud. Everything lives in the cloud. Thank you for the cloud!”

Measurable differences with the Trace Platform

The Trace platform has driven productivity at Stillwater Medical.  When Angie first began tracking her team’s recorded conversations through Trace, her highest number of monthly calls recorded by an individual team member was at 460.  Stressing that call recordings provide proof to demonstrate compliance and protect staff from he-said, she-said scenarios, Angie encouraged her team to utilize the recording feature more frequently.  She also made available to the department the Trace user-indexing report as it can list the total number of recorded calls for each individual team member.  The transparency of the report inspired the scheduling department’s efforts, and after just four months, the top three highest number of recorded calls by individual team members increased drastically to 1,154, 1,140, and 889.

Angie also values the ability to index call recordings to a specific account number for quick and easy reference and for quality assurance purposes.  Trace Voice Recording permits Angie to conduct variance checks by listening to recorded team member’s conversations to reveal if insurance information was accurately received, if phone numbers were verified, and whether or not patient education questions were asked.  A percentage is assigned to each team member based on his/her performance, and to justify the given percentage, Angie can provide the indexing numbers for each conversation for reference.

“We are calling patients 24 – 72 hours after the orders are received.  Thank you for opening our eyes up to what we didn’t know we were missing!”

Empowering hospital and health system leaders

Trace is a healthcare-specific, integrated platform that empowers hospital and health system leaders to improve financial performance and enhance the experiences of their patients and staff by capturing, automating, managing and exchanging critical patient information.  Organizations shouldn’t be stuck with aging, unreliable technology when patient care is on the line.

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