Vyne Medical is sunsetting FASTATTACH ®

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Why is Vyne Medical sunsetting FastAttach?

FastAttach is Vyne Medical’s legacy esMD product, and it has served our clients and us well for some time. However, we have made the decision to deprecate in order focus on a new strategic direction.

When will FastAttach be sunsetted?

It varies. Generally speaking termination of your contract which governs you/your organization’s use of FastAttach will determine this. Please reference your written termination notice for this date. You/Your organization will no longer be able to log in, or access any information within FastAttach after such date.

Will my organization lose access to FastAttach?


Will my organization be able to access the data currently in FastAttach?

Yes, but only during the termination notice period. Vyne Medical’s Customer Success team is available to help you with your access and discuss your options for your stored data access.

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