Vyne Medical is sunsetting FASTATTACH ®


Why is Vyne Medical sunsetting FastAttach?

FastAttach is Vyne Medical’s legacy esMD product, and it has served our clients and us well for some time. However, we desire to offer a new solution that provides both up-to-date cloud technology and a more modern user interface while offering additional esMD use cases.

When will FastAttach be sunsetted?

It varies. Generally speaking, termination of your/your organization’s contract which governs your/your organization’s use of FastAttach shall be effective 90 days after your/your organization’s receipt of contract termination notice. You/your organization will no longer be able to log into, or access any information within, FastAttach after such date.

Will my organization lose access to FastAttach?

Yes. To create new submissions, you will need to sign up for Refyne Denials Management application.

Will my organization be able to access the data currently in FastAttach?

Yes, but only during the termination notice period. Vyne Medical’s Customer Success team is available to help you with your access and discuss your options for your stored data access.

What happens after Fast Attach sunsets?

Vyne Medical offers our Refyne Denials Management application. Our Customer Success team will work with you to ensure a smooth transition from FastAttach should you decide not to sign up for Refyne Denials Management.

How can my organization obtain a pricing quote or talk with someone about Refyne Denials Management?

Please get in touch with us today for a customized quote by emailing CustomerSuccess@VyneCorp.com

How can my organization receive a demo of Refyne Denials Management?

Please email CustomerSuccess@VyneCorp.com and we will be in touch shortly to schedule a complete demo.

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