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While there are many Trace 8.0 upgraded features, here are a few to call out:

Trace Auto-Indexing

Audio Search

Refyne® Cloud Fax

Patient Form Requests

Improve your health system workflow and enjoy an upgraded experience with the Trace 8.0 platform

Vyne Medical delivers innovative solutions that maintain versioning by easily on boarding new clients using the TraceⓇ 8.0 platform. Upgrade to the current release to experience the latest functionality and fully optimize the platform’s features.


A quality upgrade experience for your healthcare system.

  • Vyne Medical Project Manager and Implementation Engineer assigned per facility
  • Migration experts to work closely with your IT team to plan the work and estimated downtime (clients have previously reported downtime of less than five hours)
  • Designated remote technical teams to stop production, backup server data, deploy the code, validate success, and bring the site back on-line
  • Technical team to uninstall and reinstall applications, i.e. Pixcert , Trace Voice, if applicable


Staying current ensures that clients can maximize the full functionality, latest features, and broad value of Trace.

  • Performance improvements and an updated user interface helps create simpler workflows
  • Added intelligent features built for today’s hospital process and security standards
  • Enhanced administrator functionality for improved self-management and configuration
  • Access to new features and emerging functionality
  • Advanced security measures for added protection

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