Changing the Tone of Patient Access with Trace

This session covers the seven key areas in which representatives are scored and the process used to incorporate reviews into employee performance evaluations. Takeaways include the criteria, scorecards and reports used to track quality performance, as well as the impact on patient experience, staff support, process compliance, collections, and more.

Floyd Health shares its innovative strategy to ensure the quality of patient encounters in registration. Representatives are scored in 7 key areas, and monthly scores aggregate into annual reviews. Over an 18-month period, Patient Access improved its quality metric from 70 percent scoring a C or below, to 90 percent scoring an A. The team achieved this while exceeding collections goals. This session will review outcomes in patient experience, staff support, compliance, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate a comprehensive quality review program for Patient Access and its impact on patient experience, point of service collections and denial management.
  • Consider the use of recording and monitoring patient encounters to hardwire best practices in patient financial communication.
  • Discuss criteria used to score the quality of patient interactions in pre-service and at the point of service.
  • Assess outcomes in patient experience, staff support, compliance, collections and more.


  • Yolanda Miller, Floyd Health
  • Aljeana Howard, Vyne Medical