Improve Quality, Financial Performance, and Patient Experience with Trace

Yolanda Miller, Patient Access Director at Floyd Medical Center, shares diverse perspectives on the implementation and impact of Trace® software across her health system. Floyd Medical Center leverages the full breadth of voice, fax and image tools built into the Trace platform. The presentation shares use cases from numerous areas including scheduling, insurance verification, pre-registration, case management, patient financial services, and billing. Details include the impact on quality, employee alignment, patient experience, regulatory compliance, upfront collections, and overturned denials. Participants will learn in an engaging, story-based format that paints a picture of life before and after implementation.

Learn how Floyd Medical Center uses Trace to assist with:

  • Facilitating compliance with Floyd’s quality standards, protocols and scripting.
  • Document retention to help overturn denials and support payer audits.
  • Reinforcement of best practices in patient financial communications.
  • Support for employee training, coaching and mentoring.


  • Yolanda Miller, BSHA, CHAM, Director, Patient Access | Revenue Cycle Management, Floyd Medical Center (Rome, GA)
  • Meg Michael, RN, CNIO & VP of Operations, Vyne Medical