Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data without Fax Machines

Thought leaders from Vyne Medical and Moffitt Cancer Center share practical steps to end faxing and replace it with digital solutions for better efficiency, security and data integration.

Are faxes jamming up your workflow and productivity? Do you spend time printing, scanning and manually faxing information? Or searching through piles of paper for the document you need? There is a better way! In a perfect world, systems would integrate, and data would be shared seamlessly from one system to the next. The industry may not be there yet, but Vyne Medical is committed to helping hospitals eliminate paper-based fax and replace it with digital solutions that automate secure information exchange. This webinar will review current options such as electronic fax, cloud fax, integration and more. Attendees will hear how Moffitt Cancer Center has leveraged these alternatives to improve productivity, teamwork and service to patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss HIPAA-compliant fax alternatives such as electronic fax, cloud fax, and more.
  • Review opportunities to automate information exchange through system integration.
  • Evaluate strategies to connect disconnected data to create a more complete patient record.
  • Consider outcomes in efficiency, care coordination, time and cost savings.


  • Scott Overholt, Chief Development Officer, Vyne Medical
  • Lynne Hildreth, Director of Patient Access, Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Derek Morgan, Senior Director of Business Development, Vyne Medical