Strengthening Defenses to Combat Data Breaches

Between 2010 and 2022, healthcare breaches compromised 385 million patient records, emphasizing the critical need to prioritize security in the healthcare industry.  Additionally, in 2021, the healthcare sector experienced the highest number of ransomware attacks compared to other critical infrastructure according to the FBI. In this Vyne Medical®-sponsored webinar, join industry expert Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer at Black Talon Security, as he discusses fortifying your healthcare organization against potential data breaches, providing comprehensive guidance on defensive and offensive strategies.  He has handled hundreds of healthcare breach cases and lectures nationally on cybersecurity threats and their impact on the industry.  With decades of experience in software development and cybersecurity, Gary will highlight how critical implementation of preventative measures within your organization significantly reduces the risk of experiencing a cyber incident.  He will also delve into the importance of understanding the cyber landscape and the dark web, particularly in cases of patient data theft and leakage.

Stay informed of the latest potential threats healthcare organization’s face as hackers attempt to disrupt business continuity and tarnish reputations by stealing patient data.


  • Discuss how you can fortify your healthcare organization against potential data breaches
  • Analyze how hackers break into your network
  • Highlight how taking a proactive approach can ensure preparedness & reduce the risk of a cyber incident
  • Delve into the liabilities and consequences of such incidents for healthcare organizations
  • Review real-world case studies of healthcare organizations hit by devastating ransomware attacks
  • Learn how to monitor your network to continually assess cyber risk


  • Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer at Black Talon Security, LLC
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