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Emerging from COVID - Technology & Connection Strategies

This roundtable discusses some of the digital solutions supporting the changes and opportunities to integrate and expand technology in the wake of COVID.

Using Automation with Trace to Optimize Patient Access Workflow

Learn how new technology from Vyne Medical can automate administrative tasks like form completion, medical record transfer and claim submission.

Improve Quality, Financial Performance, and Patient Experience

Floyd Medical Center shares diverse perspectives on the implementation and impact of Trace® software across her health system.

Changing the Tone of Patient Access at Floyd Medical Center

Floyd Health shares its innovative strategy to ensure the quality of patient encounters in registration. Representatives are scored in 7 key areas, and monthly scores aggregate into annual reviews.

Connecting Healthcare Data: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

In our “Back to the Future” themed session, we explore where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going in healthcare.

Patient Access Transformation at Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center discusses workflows and QA processes that take place behind the scenes to ensure these touch-points are smooth, efficient and incident-free.

Developing a Quality Review Program in the Revenue Cycle

Thought leaders from Moffitt Cancer Center share practical steps to conducting quality review for improved revenue cycle outcomes.

Work-From-Home Solutions in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our panel of subject matter experts, including Lynne Hildreth, Director of Patient Access at Moffitt Cancer Center, discuss work-from-home solutions and benefits.

The 3 Keys to Winning the Battle Against Clinical Denials

Community Health Network shares best practices used to reduce denials and streamline denial management efforts across the continuum.

Enhancing Quality for a Better Consumer Experience

Learn about Floyd Health’s quality review program and their successful outcomes in patient experience, staff support, compliance and more.

How to Securely Exchange Data without Fax Machines

Discover how Moffitt Cancer Center has leveraged these alternatives to improve productivity, teamwork and service to patients.

Exploring the Benefits and Process of Electronic Submissions

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) discusses the esMD program for submitting documentation to Medicare Review Contractors, including RACs and MACs.

Transforming Health IT to Shape Patient Engagement and Experience

Patient Access innovators at Health First and Moffitt Cancer Center share insights on how healthcare IT is shaping patient engagement and consumer experience in the current healthcare landscape.

Conducting Quality Review in the Revenue Cycle to Reduce Denials

Moffitt Cancer Center shares how they launched and leveraged a revenue cycle quality review program which led to a reduction in denied claims and an increase in revenue growth.

Time Saving Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Efficiency with Trace

Learn how to boost your workflow efficiency in Trace with some easy tips and tricks. Our Solutions Architecture Team will share best practices, new features and future functions to improve your productivity.

Talking Cost with Patients – An Organizational Effort

Lowell General discusses how their efforts in standardizing patient financial communications led to an increase in upfront collections and improved patient experience.

Standardizing Best Practices in Patient Financial Communications

Learn about the challenges your peers are facing in patient financial communications and the best practices these leaders have developed to overcome these struggles.

Standardizing Best Practices for an Integrated Patient Experience

Texas Health Resources discusses the system’s multi-phase plan to standardize patient financial communications alongside its systemwide implementation of a new EHR.

Working From Home: Best Practices by Patient Access Leaders

Thought leaders discuss trends and statistics on work-from-home programs and its impact on employee satisfaction, productivity and cost savings.

Basics for Managing a Virtual Work Program in the Revenue Cycle

Texas Health Resources shares best practices for managing a successful work-from-home program using technology and platforms for growth.

Work-from-Home: How to Make it Work in Patient Access

A panel of leaders in patient access share their unique experiences and reasons for launching a work-from-home program in their departments and lessons learned.

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