Addressing Staff Shortages in Healthcare Through Technology  

Staffing shortages are now the nation’s top patient safety concern. To meet the needs of a growing patient base, facilities have sought ways to keep emergency rooms and critical care units staffed. These included shifting qualified health care personnel from administration back into temporary clinical positions, borrowing healthcare personnel (HCPs) from other facilities, and allowing non-clinical personnel to work remotely from home.

Why Is There Still Such a Shortage of Qualified Healthcare Personnel?

Many healthcare personnel expected conditions to return to normal, pre-pandemic conditions, but that hasn’t happened. Jobs that once felt fast-paced but manageable now feel overwhelming or impossible. In Massachusetts, nurses reported feeling completely depleted after working their regular shifts. Too many patients, too many responsibilities, and too little time took center stage again and again as these experienced healthcare personnel explained why they’d left their jobs.

What can hospitals and clinics do to help lift too-heavy loads from their staff during this time of need? The answer may lie in automation. By automating non-critical tasks such as paperwork, collections, admissions, and more, your facility can give valued workers a welcome respite from red-tape duty. Time that is now spent filling out forms and making telephone calls could be reallocated to have your staff conduct more revenue generating work.

What Can Healthcare Management Software Do for You?

Healthcare management software can shift the load of non-clinical tasks from the shoulders of your staff to a user-friendly platform, freeing up man hours and cutting labor costs significantly. Here are a few tasks the right healthcare management software can perform:

  • Reduce admissions paperwork
  • Expedite insurance reimbursement
  • Decrease case-management paperwork
  • Improve electronic workflow between departments
  • Monitor and manage patient touch points
  • Centralize patient billing and communication
  • Track patient scheduling to reduce and record no-shows
  • Create comprehensive patient records

Software and technology solutions can help guard against staff shortages in healthcare by taking away many of the more monotonous tasks your staff are required to perform every day and allowing them more time to care for themselves and their patients. The right software can integrate with your existing EMR Platform, boosting its performance.

Emergency measures, such as the waiver of licensing requirements, reallocation strategies, and expanded training programs have proven beneficial but more is needed to attract and retain quality healthcare personnel. Healthcare management solutions like Vyne Medical’s makes the provision of healthcare easier, faster, and more convenient and can help your facility thrive through our technology by:

  • Creating a thread of consumer interactions
  • Better quality, consistency and accuracy at every touch point
  • Centralized patient centric approach
  • Tools to allow easy search, retrieval and playback across your healthcare system
  • Reduction in denials due to product capabilities

Can Healthcare Management Software Help in Recruiting?

The right healthcare management software can help you find, recruit, and retain quality people. Technology that makes it easier for employees to work remotely from home is just one example. And programs that automatically record patient phone interactions, can record face-to-face interactions, digitize faxes, and take screenshots of online communications are great selling points for recruiters to tout when wooing potential employees. Anything that’s going to make a job easier, and take away the burden of paperwork and record-keeping, can be considered a valuable benefit.

Who Is Vyne Medical?

Vyne Medical is one of the few CMS-Certified Health Information Handlers available to hospitals and health systems in the US today. We are a recognized industry leader in end-to-end health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management. The company’s robust technology platform facilitates the electronic capture, storage, and submission of healthcare data in virtually any form – voice, document, image, data, fax, or electronic interface. Vyne Medical’s solutions empower clients by Connecting Disconnected DataⓇ to close gaps in documentation and improve the continuum of care through a more complete and fully accessible patient record.  Our software solutions have helped to revolutionize over 800 hospital and health systems medical facilities nationwide.

Patient experience is important to us, and we actively bring innovative solutions to optimize overall satisfaction. Whether your healthcare facility is small or large, regional or national, our technology can work for you. Improve patient satisfaction, raise morale among staff and healthcare personnel, and streamline your processes so that they work in the most efficient way possible through Vyne Medical’s comprehensive suite of healthcare management software.

How Do We Help During a Staffing Shortage?

  • Improved Communication and Patient Experience

    Vyne MedicalⓇ solutions  make communication between teams measurable and streamlined. We do this through Trace®, our cutting-edge communication software that was designed with healthcare providers in mind. Trace offers many benefits to your organization, and it does it in a way that requires minimal input on the part of healthcare staff. You can automate many manual processes that were once time-consuming and tedious, including:

  • Capturing data through voice, fax, and image

    Consolidating and organizing data into a central, digitized database for easy retrieval and transmission
    Automating and auto-indexing workflow experiences, including worklists and notifications
    Integrating seamlessly into your existing EHR software and applications
    Providing access to voice search and user-friendly digital dashboards
    Our software solutions are capable of maintaining the many facets of a patient’s care in one reliable location that’s easy to access for every member of their healthcare team.

  • Accountability As You Meet and Exceed Standards of Quality Assurance

    Positive outcomes arise out of quality care. That’s why our software makes it much easier for healthcare personnel to remain compliant with best practices. Our quality assurance feature reinforces compliance with hospital procedures and policies, so everything that happens under your watch follows your organization’s set guidelines. The voice analytics within the Quality Assurance feature  helps you know your team is hitting the mark on required points of conversation, reducing the back and forth with the patient, and helping to prove denial claims with ease.

  • Time Saved Through Streamlined Financial Return

    Drive your facility’s financial returns by making it easier to collect insurance payments with software that effectively tracks and records the documentation needed to avoid denials and shortens the time it takes to appeal. You’ll spend less time chasing down payments and more time accepting them, with less input and less time required of your administrative and clerical staff.

  • Ease the Burdens of Your Healthcare Personnel

    Perhaps the most important role healthcare management software plays in your organization is helping to lift the many manual tasks from your healthcare personnel. More automation means less user input and monitoring. Less time responding to insurance denials and chasing down documentation means more time for your staff to pause and recharge. When much of a patient’s pertinent information is centralized and organized in one easy-to-search database, this translates into less time providers must spend in research and more time they have available to spend with patients.


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As the administrator of a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility, you want to care for your patients and provide the highest level of care available while ensuring your staff and healthcare personnel have the proper tools needed to provide it. Vyne Medical has solutions that can help. Our healthcare management software can help alleviate your burdens and automate processes allow you to focus on the more revenue generating areas. We can help you care for your patients and help you resolve staff shortages in healthcare, all in just one phone call.

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