The Coming Logistical Issue for Health Care Systems Like Yours

With a future logistical issue looming, many health care systems will soon face a challenge.   Through the implementation of smart technology, health care systems can solve the problem while also recovering lost revenue and improving the patient experience.

Hospital operations were recently impacted when a major Electronic Health Records (EHR) provider for physician practices stopped offering the ability to input patient data from fax services.   In the past, service providers often transferred information from inbound faxes directly into the patient record. With the new changes, this service may no longer be available.  Many health systems are currently trying to reduce the need for manual labor, so they will be left to “figure out” how to deal with the new manual requirements the issue will present.

Fortunately, this issue can be resolved with automation that will read inbound faxes and automate the input of patient data and other relevant data into your existing EHR.  Health care systems can benefit from this transition because trusted solutions like Vyne Medical’s not only provide this automation but in addition, can increase functional alignment, enhance cash flow, and help best-practice organizations thrive.

Vyne Medical’s Trace® platform can quickly process inbound faxes with minimal human touch, enabling the automated exchange of patient information to help keep your departments moving more efficiently.

  • Trace features built-in interoperability that allows seamless interfacing with your existing software. This facilitates the automation of manual tasks such as fax confirmations, text reminders, and populating auto-dialer worklists.
  • Trace auto indexing solves the new inbound fax issues to improve efficiency, accuracy, and best practice standardization.

To optimize the current situation, health care systems should transition away from outdated technology and introduce their organization to Vyne Medical’s solutions that will save money, reduce labor, and streamline workflows.

Get connected today to solve this logistical challenge while also improving the performance of your organization.

Vyne Medical® is a recognized industry leader in end-to-end health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management and is one of the largest CMS Certified Health Information Handlers (HIH). The company’s robust technology platforms facilitate the electronic capture, storage and submission of healthcare data in virtually any form – voice, fax, image, data or electronic document. Vyne Medical’s solutions Connect Disconnected DataⓇ to close gaps in documentation and improve the continuum of care through a more complete and fully accessible patient record. Outcomes include improved financial strength, operational performance and patient experience. For more information, visit



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