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Your feedback plays an important role in medical innovation. Vyne Medical is currently assessing the need or current use of virtual-assisted intake in your hospital or healthcare system. With the ability to elevate the patient experience while solving staffing and profit margin challenges, virtual-assisted intake can create a streamlined workflow process in your healthcare organization.

A virtual-assisted  system can be used where there is a need to:

  • Review and collect information with the patient and family
  • Personally assist a patient or their family through a process
  • Leverage a remote workforce (deploy a work-from-home or remote team)
  • Provide service to an unpredictable patient volume (like an emergency department)

For example, though not limited to this setting, virtual-assisted intake can transform the traditional scenario of the patient waiting in the emergency department for an actual person to complete the registration process and transitions to an administrator providing the patient/family with a tablet in conjunction with a live agent to assist.  This results in little to no wait time for the patient and the assistance from the live agent still provides a personalized touch.

Virtual-assisted intake may also be used during financial counseling, when complicated forms and options need to be reviewed and for educating patients whenever personal assistance is beneficial.

Take our 2-minute survey to help us better understand the need or current use of virtual-assisted intake in your health system.

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