EP 5 : Leveraging Technology in Patient Access: A Podcast

Scott Overholt, Chief Business Officer of Vyne Medical®, will be featured in The Wilshire IT RevCast, a podcast by The Wilshire Group on October 5th. Hosted by Daniel Bianchini and Evan Martin, the episode will focus on Leveraging Technology in Healthcare/Patient Access.

“In the hospital market, the front-end of the revenue cycle is often referred to as patient access,” says Scott. He and co-guest Patti Consolver, Director of Growth and Business Development at Wilshire Group, will discuss how patient access is strategically leveraging technology to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize workforce management in the RCM space. “Currently, there are a lot of needs to be addressed. The need to be more efficient, to spend less money, and to fill vacancies. There are staffing shortages everywhere, but it’s critical in healthcare. So they’re looking for solutions from automation. Hospitals and healthcare centers need to automate reports and tasks, so they’re better able to utilize their staff.”

Patti, who was recently awarded the Marian Blankenship Award from NAHAM, and Scott have a wealth of RCM experience and knowledge and have had the rare privilege of partnering with multiple healthcare systems across the industry to identify current trends and best practices. “Patti and I go way back. We’ve spoken together at many conferences and webinars over the years.” During the podcast, Scott and Patti will examine healthcare’s movement to harness technologies to improve the patient experience and the value of remote work.

“In the hospital marketplace,” he says, “so many processes are still manual. We want to talk about the trend of engaging patients more in the front-end of their care. How video access plays in, and how hospitals are leveraging voice data to be able to improve their outcomes.”

The Wilshire Group is a healthcare consulting firm that aims to help healthcare businesses implement modern technological solutions. Focusing on revenue cycle management and workflow improvements, The Wilshire Group helps healthcare organizations transform their business and financial operations. Their bi-monthly podcast, which airs the first and third  Wednesday of every month, discusses healthcare industry trends and out-of-the-box ideas, and explores questions submitted by listeners.

Hear Scott and Patti examine the future of technological solutions for patient access on The Wilshire IT RevCast,  October 5, 2022.

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