Fax Evolution Drives Ongoing Advancements in Healthcare Communication


Vyne Medical develops technologies that streamline healthcare communication and the exchange of information. Helping to manage all types of structured and unstructured data, including voice, fax and image files via a centralized platform, Vyne Medical enables hospitals and medical providers to improve financial performance, service levels, team collaboration, and ultimately, patient care.

Vyne Medical’s Trace® platform offers tools to meet the specific workflow needs of each and every hospital. Trace integrates seamlessly with all major EHR and HIS platforms to quickly send and receive information between systems. With Trace, patient records are immediately accessible for more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination, and reimbursement of care. Records can be leveraged to drive efficiency, increase POS collections, and provide better service to patients and physicians, among other key initiatives.


The healthcare ecosystem – comprised of many different entities including hospitals, physicians, specialists, and insurance companies – exchanges massive amounts of data every day. Hospitals in particular cannot afford to experience any technical issues with managing patient information, which among many communication methods is still reliant on fax. Slow transmissions of low-resolution documents and network downtime can create life and death situations related to patient care.

Providing clients with a centralized database that connects disparate data in a more protected format is a top priority for Vyne Medical. Among the file types managed by the company, faxes represent a large and growing share, with nearly 20 million fax files transmitted each year.

While fax is growing, industry initiatives spearheaded by CMS aim to eliminate this transmission method. At the same time, many hospitals continue to utilize the traditional fax infrastructure, which is outdated, unreliable and difficult to support. “Vyne Medical sought a solution to seamlessly support the existing flow of fax transmissions while creating a platform that would adapt to fax evolution as technology continues to advance,” said Scott Overholt, Chief Business Officer at Vyne Medical.


After evaluating several fax solution alternatives, Vyne Medical selected etherFAX and the Secure Exchange Network (SEN) to enable the exchange of faxes and other business-critical information. etherFAX helps facilitate electronic responses to medical document requests with ultra-fast transmission speeds, advanced encryption and guaranteed delivery. According to etherFAX, the Secure Exchange Network is HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant to help ensure the protected exchange of health information.[1] Together, our organizations are working to improve patient care by redefining fax for the modern era. Contact us to schedule a call with one of our Vyne Medical healthcare solution experts today.



[1] etherFAX, LLC representations of etherFAX and SEN product “functionality” and security is “their own”. Customers should undertake independent “evaluation” related to etherFAX statements relating to SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and ECIES compliance.
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