Vyne Medical Introduces Fax Complete

Innovation is critical to the future of society and economic growth

According to the World Economic Forum, innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and to driving economic growth.  Vyne Medical is excited to be involved in the design, development, and deployment of new technologies and innovations poised to have a significant impact on healthcare.

Today, faxes continue to be an integral part of healthcare workflows with 70% of providers still regularly exchanging medical information via fax.  Faxing can lead to various challenges that create a breakdown and inefficient transmission of information.  These inefficiencies can be costly for healthcare systems, frustrating for clinicians, inconvenient for patients, and ultimately cause gaps in care.

Vyne Medical introduces Fax Complete

Set to transform the industry, Vyne Medical proudly introduces Fax Complete, the service of fully managing incoming faxes that enter a healthcare system’s workflow.

A touch-free fax workflow is created through automating, indexing, integrating, and outsourcing incoming activity, removing the friction and labor traditionally required by healthcare system teams. With the ability to take hospital employee intervention out of the fax transcription and handling processes, workflows can be managed directly in the provider’s EMR.

Benefits of Fax Complete include:

  • Automation of fax processing handled by Vyne Medical
  • Inbound orders processed into the EMR through one workflow
  • Reduce FTE requirements for dealing with faxes
  • Reduction of IT headaches regarding faxes
  • Reduction of standard costs of processing faxes
  • Patient Access starts at scheduling

How does it work?

Through the TraceⓇ platform, Fax Complete utilizes auto-indexing to automate the transcription of incoming faxes.  For faxes that technology can’t fully automate, Vyne Medical steps in to handle the process, creating an environment where healthcare system teams may spend less time and energy indexing faxes or manually pushing fax images and the associated data to the EMR.

Never deal with faxes again

An investment in Fax Complete, means resources may be spent elsewhere. This results in less labor costs, quicker and more accurate downstream processing, and lower per patient processing costs.

Connect today and learn how you can confidently make lost faxes, delays, and fax hardware a thing of the past for your healthcare system.

Vyne Medical’s healthcare-specific, integrated platform empowers hospital and health system leaders to improve financial performance and enhance the experiences of their patients and staff by capturing, automating, managing and exchanging critical patient information.

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