Successful outcomes with Vyne Medical

At our core, we are dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems improve the way they capture and share information to ensure a more complete patient record, create workflow efficiencies and recover lost revenue.

Workflow Efficiency in Patient Access at Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt implemented Trace to capture and integrate patient financial data such as benefits, financial clearance and pre-registration information for enterprise access and exchange.

Boost Performance in Revenue Cycle at Lowell General Hospital

With Trace, Lowell General receives orders through an electronic queue. Orders are indexed to the patient account and filtered by department so that each area can access its own faxes.

Denials Reduction in Case Management at St. Francis Medical Center

One year after implementing Trace, St. Francis saw an 85% reduction in the amount of denials based on lack of clinical information – a difference of over $130K per month.

Communication Management in Revenue Cycle at Sarasota Memorial

SMHCS has realized significant improvements in patient experience, physician and staff alignment, process improvement, and financial performance.

Digital Workflows in Patient Access at Mercy Medical Center

Using Trace, Patient Access at Mercy Medical has grown while improving workflow, quality assurance and satisfaction among both patients and providers.

Recover Revenue in Denial Management at Community Health Network

In 2018 alone, Community Health Network overturned over $30 million in initial denials using Trace.

Improve Upfront Collections in Patient Access at Health First

Since shifting to the approach of “100 percent estimate, 100 percent ask,” Health First has reached over $2 million in upfront collections.

The Executive’s Guide to Implementing a Denials Program

At Moffitt Cancer Center, a robust denial prevention program resulted in reducing denials from 14% of gross charges to 8% of gross charges billed.

Quality Assurance in Patient Access at Moffitt Cancer Center

Using Trace, Moffitt has improved the quality of staff interactions with patients, payers and clinical departments across the center.

Work-From-Home in Scheduling at Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt implemented a work-from-home program to attract and retain qualified call center employees for its scheduling team.

Cost Savings from Work-From-Home in Patient Access at Mayo Clinic

The work-from-home model offered cost savings for the Clinic, as the cost of office space is estimated to be at least $10,000 in real estate per employee per year.

Work-From-Home at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Employee satisfaction has improved due to increased flexibility, cost savings and less time and money spent on a daily commute.

Workflow Efficiency using esMD at Boca Raton Regional Hospital

By exchanging medical documentation through esMD, Boca Raton has eliminated the administrative burdens of managing records to support Medicare claims.

Process Optimization in Scheduling at Mercy Medical Center

Through its partnership with Vyne Medical, Mercy Medical has realized significant improvements in patient experience, collaboration, workflow and physician and staff alignment.

Improved Performance in Case Management at Union Hospital

Through its partnership with Vyne Medical, Union Hospital has realized significant improvements in patient experience, financial performance and physician & staff alignment.

Communication Management in Revenue Cycle at Presence Health

Illinois’ largest Catholic health system, Presence Health, is using Trace to document and manage revenue cycle communication for improved reimbursement, compliance and quality assurance.

Appeals and Denials Management at Lowell General Hospital

Lowell General implemented Trace to document voice, fax and electronic communication to prevent and overturn denied claims, streamline appeals and reduce delayed payments

Improved Net Revenue at CentraState Medical Center

Trace has allowed CentraState Medical Center to increase its revenue cycle efficiency, overturn denials, and improve satisfaction for patients, physicians, and employees.

Increased Patient Satisfaction at Texas Health Resources

By recording patient communications, Texas Health has been able to improve the patient experience from the first encounter through admissions.

Revenue Protection and Improved Performance at Children's Hospitals

Results achieved at three children’s hospitals after implementing Trace to capture and manage routine communication.

Eliminate Disputes with Proof at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center

Trace by Vyne Medical was implemented to eliminate disputes by capturing all communications. Every interaction is now captured in some way that can be used for various purposes.

Improved Physician Order Management at Methodist LeBonheur

By electronically archiving faxes, Methodist eliminated the need to request re-faxes of missing orders, improving physician satisfaction and streamlining patient throughput.

Reduce Revenue Loss at West Jefferson Medical Center

By implementing Trace within the case management department, West Jefferson began to immediately see a reduction in claims denial.

Trace Cloud Fax Reduces IT Burden for Large Health System

With more than 240 teams on Trace, the new technology has reduced redundant solutions, relieved the burden on their IT department and streamlined their workflow.

Denials Reduction in Financial Clearance Unit at Moffitt Cancer Center

Improving front-end workflows with the power of Trace has helped Moffitt Cancer Center reduce the percentage of denied revenue dollars by month from 16 percent in 2015 to 5 percent in 2019.

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