Time Consuming Administrative Processes Cost Healthcare $39 Billion Annually


Recent reports from TIME and Harvard magazines as well as the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) show that approximately one-third of healthcare spending across the U.S. is related to healthcare administration rather than the actual patient care being provided. Seem impossible? Not to those who understand the burdens of paperwork, record-keeping and payment coordination […]

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Ask the Expert: What is Auto-Indexing and How Does It Work?


Author: Ruchi Medhekar, SVP, Strategy & Platform   Vyne Medical is dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems capture and share information to create a more complete patient record, expedite workflow and recover lost revenue. Auto-indexing accomplishes these key objectives by quickly and accurately transforming documents into structured, reliable data. What is Auto-indexing within Trace? […]


Using Automation to Optimize Patient Access Workflow


Automation can feel like an idealistic, future state, nice-to-have-someday sort of thing. But not anymore. It’s here now and it’s poised to help you drive outcomes like profitability, productivity, engagement, and more. Vyne Medical recently announced the launch of new auto-indexing* functionality to help streamline hospital administrative functions for users of its Trace® platform. Auto-indexing […]


The Secret to Winning the Battle Against Claim Denials


In a recent article, Rev Cycle Intelligence reported that in 2020 hospital claim denials were up by 23 percent. While the battle against denials has been going on for years (denial rates have been steadily rising since 2016), the events of 2020 surrounding the pandemic caused a sharp increase over the course of just a […]

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Ask the Expert: How do you integrate with my EHR?


Chris Anderson, Senior Integration Developer Christina Hearn, Integration Analyst Vyne Medical’s vision is to advance healthcare delivery by improving the coordination of patient information and closing gaps in communication processes across the continuum of care. Our integration services play an important role in connecting disconnected data for our healthcare clients. What is an integration? Simply […]


Creating Meaningful Patient Connections


At Vyne Medical, we’re all about connecting disconnected data. But we know there’s a lot more to connecting than the integration of data and technology. Our ultimate goal is to help you create meaningful connections between and with your people – employees, patients and caregivers. Hospitals and health systems leveraging the Trace® platform can record, […]


Call Recording Benefits You May Not Have Considered


You’ve likely heard the message, “This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes,” at one time or another. While it’s true that different organizations leverage call recordings for various reasons, in the healthcare setting, voice recordings can take on an even more important role. Malpractice suits and medical negligence are threats that the […]

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Moving the Needle with Cloud-based Digital Fax Technology


Most hospitals, healthcare systems and their referring communities are very fax intensive. In fact, independent research from KLAS suggests that somewhere between 50 and 66 percent of communication between parties involves faxing. Additional research shows that 90 percent of healthcare organizations still use fax. That’s why, when organizations discuss challenges with interoperability, the prevalence of fax is […]

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The Missing Link in Healthcare Communication


With the proliferation of technology all around us, it’s easy to get lulled into a sense of complacency. We send emails, for example, and assume they get read. We post to social media channels and assume the messages are reaching our intended audiences. We make phone calls and leave voicemails that we expect will be […]

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