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Work From Home: Trend or Transition?


Over the past year, we have seen healthcare systems pivot in many ways, one of which was sending portions of their employee populations to work from home where possible. While some healthcare systems had already taken advantage of a remote program, the pandemic accelerated the need for hospitals around the country to equip for virtual […]

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How Floyd Medical Center is Driving ROI with Trace


Learn how Floyd Medical Center is driving ROI with improved quality, financial performance and patient experience by watching our recent webinar. You can also review the summary below to learn how Yolanda Miller, Patient Access Director, leverages best practices to maximize the impact of Trace® software across a range of functional areas throughout the health […]

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Giving a Voice to Patient-Centric Care


As a healthcare provider, you work hard to promote patient-centric, connected care for your visitors. But what happens when they are discharged home or to a post-acute setting? What can you do to help them transition safely, continue healing and avoid preventable readmissions? The effective delivery of care instructions represents a significant opportunity to improve […]

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5 Tips for Taming the Chaos of Physician Order Management


In many hospitals, the process for physician order management is still manual and, at times, chaotic. Paper faxes are received from referring providers. Copies are made and then distributed to the appropriate service areas. Calls are made for scheduling confirmations. It all amounts to a tedious series of manual processes fraught with gaps that, in […]


Why Just Capturing Data Isn’t Enough


Most businesses record incoming and outgoing calls, and as such, you’ve likely heard the message, “This call may be recorded for quality purposes.” But have you ever questioned the real value those recorded conversations offer a business? Of course, most will say recording is a standard practice that results in improved customer communications and better […]


Our Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service


Experience matters Chances are, you can recall times when you encountered exceptional and terrible service experiences. What sticks out in those cases is not the quality of the product received but rather the quality of the customer experience you encountered. In our own way, we’re all savvy shoppers, users, and consumers, and when it comes […]


7 Easy Steps to Implementing Vyne Medical Technology in Your Hospital


At Vyne Medical, we offer a dynamic suite of technology solutions designed to help hospitals and health systems navigate the complex healthcare data landscape more effectively and efficiently. Our tenured team of experts are committed to communicating and collaborating before, during and after implementation to ensure your success and satisfaction. Following are the seven key […]

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Changing the Tone of Patient Access at Floyd Health


Do you ever receive complaints from physicians about employee behavior? Do patients ever claim they received contradictory information from different associates? At Floyd Health in Rome, Georgia, leaders wanted to get to the root of these and other scenarios by establishing objective proof of encounters in Patient Access. Proof came in the form of recordings […]

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Connecting Healthcare Data: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Connecting disconnected data has been the key driver of Vyne Medical for more than 20 years. Throughout the last two decades, we’ve developed a longstanding relationship with the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) and its members. Participation in NAHAM’s conferences and webinars have played a key role in our development and growth as […]

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Quantifying Qualitative Data to Drive Performance


Performance. Quality. Compliance. Read any healthcare blog or website and it’s clear that these initiatives are intended to be the driving forces behind delivering exemplary patient care experiences for healthcare organizations across the U.S. Of course, the measurements and processes for collecting, analyzing and reporting data related to these objectives vary greatly between the clinical […]

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