Why Paper-Based Processes are Costing Your Health System

Discover how a single vendor can replace paper-based processes with seamless integrations, enhanced workflows, and advanced communication tools to ensure optimal patient care delivery. 


Overcoming the burden of paper-based processes

Do endless trips to the fax machine, managing a multitude of paper orders, and constant visits to payer websites to print authorizations sound familiar? Health systems across the country are struggling with little faith in their antiquated processes, drowning in papers, and fighting against a siloed workflow.

Although the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) accelerated in 2009 with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, many healthcare organizations still rely on traditional paper-based methods for other processes. Due to this reliance on paper, health systems are busy juggling multiple vendors and suffer from poor integrations, a lack of workflow tools, slow, on-premise faxing, and an inability to label and search for transactions and other critical pieces of patient data.

With the healthcare industry exchanging billions of faxes each year, it can be surprising to discover that 30% of tests are ordered due to the original request being lost or a missing fax, and 25% of faxes do not make it before the patient arrives for their visit. Our internal research revealed that each incoming fax or document requires on average over 5 minutes of manual processing, which becomes a substantial burden, eating up numerous labor hours and causing frustration for employees.

A recent study revealed that a growing 37% of healthcare organizations have adopted a cloud-based fax solution to address these challenges. This cost-effective, paperless method for sharing documents falls under the HIMSS category of “foundational interoperability” and can transform a health system’s operations.

Vyne Medical specializes in seamless integrations

Vyne Medical is dedicated to helping hospitals, health systems, clinicians, and payers achieve sustainable performance by streamlining the exchange of healthcare communication data. Capable of integrating with your EMR and most third-party systems, our solutions can reduce the need for multiple vendors to complete various tasks. By automatically capturing, transcribing, and indexing disparate data directly into the patient record, we can help you save time, reduce errors, streamline workflow processes, and boost revenue.

Workflow tools that enhance patient care

The Trace® platform from Vyne Medical helps health systems eliminate siloed workflows and foster transparency among departments. With access to workflow management tools, teams can automatically assign required next steps and provide real-time visibility into:

  • Ongoing tasks
  • Transactions
  • Worklists across all teams

As a centralized solution for connecting data and saving teams time, Trace also helps you better serve your patients by enhancing communication across the enterprise.

The Trace platform’s search features offer distinct advantages

Managing paper-based systems can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. Searching through filing cabinets for specific documentation often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. The Trace platform offers a powerful solution to this challenge. Users gain the ability to search using various criteria such as patient account number, date of birth, document type, or other customized fields. By streamlining access to data, Trace facilitates interoperability, generates more revenue, and empowers better control over denied claims.

Transforming healthcare communication by improving fax operations

Vyne Medical’s® solutions go beyond enhancing patient outcomes; they transform the quality of care your health system delivers. Consider the case of many paper-based systems relying on traditional on-premise fax engines. These systems often use store-and-forward technology, causing potential delays of up to a day before a fax is sent out. Our cloud based faxing solution, Refyne® Cloud Fax (RCF) recognizes the urgency in healthcare. Instead of queuing faxes, our real-time network starts sending within 30 seconds on average, while also utilizing an encrypted exchange network, facilitating instant delivery with close to 7 million endpoints. In addition, RCF facilitates outbound faxing for EMRs, efficiently handling lab results, orders, automated reporting, information requests, and more, boosting your productivity to new heights.

Ready to transform your health system’s processes? Reach out today for a complimentary workflow assessment and gain a re-engineered workflow diagram, impact analysis, estimated ROI, project scope, and a clear timeline for implementation.

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