Efficiency Elevated: A Hospital’s Success Story with Customized Healthcare Solutions

Explore how an acclaimed hospital improved its workflow through innovative solutions built for healthcare.


Enhancing Excellence: A Hospital’s Evolution in Modernizing Operations

Valley View Hospital, a 78-bed Colorado regional medical center, has been recognized for performance excellence by Healthgrades, J.D. Power & Associates, Truven Health “Top 100 Hospitals,” Consumer Reports, and more.

With a mission to put patients first and deliver high-quality care, Valley View was excited to upgrade its faxing system to a more modernized service. But as the hospital evolved, they encountered challenges with their in-house, e-faxing solution and began looking for a more intuitive and streamlined platform, one that could promptly deliver customized solutions.

The Essential Role Vendors Play in Elevating Hospital Efficiency

“We just had a ton of problems [with our old e-fax solution], and we kept wanting and needing more and more of the application,” shared Anne Turney, Interface Analyst at Valley View Hospital. “And [the vendor] just couldn’t support it. Any custom requests just took too long. We needed to find a different vendor to go with.”

“[The Vyne Medical® Trace platform] had lots of bells and whistles and additional features that we wanted,” Anne said. “During our interview and demo, we were told both inbound and outbound workflows could work and replace our current system.”

During the hospital’s integration phase, it became evident that partnering with a flexible vendor, one willing to collaborate and listen was key to streamlining the hospital’s operations. “We have faxes going out by HL7 and by virtual printers,” Bryce Schloyer, Healthcare IT Consultant for Valley View Hospital, explained, “so we had a lot of custom things in our previous solution that we wanted to maintain. [Vyne Medical] were the ones willing to accommodate and work with us.”

Solutions that Simplify Processes and Streamline Tasks

“With our previous e-fax solution, we essentially had an address port for every department that was on it,” Bryce shared, “so every department was responsible for a provider’s fax number, meaning that we had like six copies of that provider and a fax number. With the Vyne [Medical] solution, we were able to work in partnership and create an API to have one copy for all the departments in use, which is nice.”

Anne echoed Bryce’s sentiment, sharing that “how the provider’s fax number is obtained has been a huge win. Having one central location that lives in our EMR instead of the teams having to keep track of each fax number has been really helpful, and it’s really, really increased the efficiency of our teams.”

Empowering Hospital Teams with Healthcare-Specific Tools

“One of the teams on the old system had their privileges to send documents to MEDITECH revoked as it was very inefficient with a ton of requests every single month of missing orders,” stated Anne. “That particular team now is excelling and getting all of their orders into MEDITECH. Our medical records director is very pleased, [and] I’m absolutely impressed. I was constantly having to retrain and fix things, but with Vyne [Medical], they are really quick to get documents indexed, patients called, and documents are no longer lost. They are just extremely more efficient, so I’m very happy with that.”

“With the old system, we had no way to even know which [faxes] failed. It was a very tedious task of checking all of the outbound faxes versus all of the reports, and it would take hours to figure out which ones needed to be resent. I’m very thankful we don’t have to do that anymore,” detailed Anne.

Improved Workflows Lead to Improved Order Accuracy

Anne explained that if Valley View didn’t use Vyne Medical’s products, their workflow “would be like Swiss cheese. We would be missing [orders], and we wouldn’t know which ones we were missing and faxes would lag in delivery. The exporting from Vyne [Medical] to our EMR is a lot better than our old system.”

Bryce added that he would like to “compliment [the Vyne Medical team] as they brought everybody to the table, including development, to talk with us, and I think that was really beneficial for our implementation.”

“I totally recommend [Vyne Medical],” Anne concluded. “Great to work with, implementation was great, and [Vyne Medical teams] were fun.”

Facilitating the electronic management of patient data in various formats, including voice, fax, image, or electronic document, Vyne Medical’s software functions as a suite of products that can be customized to meet a health system’s unique processes and needs.

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