Using Automation to Optimize Patient Access Workflow

In the face of rising healthcare costs, hospitals are looking for new ways to drive efficiency and reduce waste. Learn how new technology from Vyne Medical can automate administrative tasks like form completion, medical record transfer and claim submission. Workflow automation reduces cost and inefficiency by eliminating the need to manually open documents, search for required fields, and hand-key patient data. Instead, auto-indexing technology translates and pre-populates incoming data directly into the patient record.

Learning Objectives

  • Reduce unnecessary administrative burdens in patient access.
  • Drive down costs by improving speed and accuracy of data management.
  • Transform documents (orders, forms, ID cards) into structured, exchangeable data.
  • Automate data indexing to reduce manual entry and downstream errors.


  • Aaron Atkinson, Sr. Director of Marketing, Vyne Medical
  • Ruchi Medhekar, SVP of Strategy & Platform, Vyne Medical
  • Nicole Shanklin, VP of Implementation & Support Services, Vyne Medical
  • Tim Hoskins, Senior Director, Client Services, Vyne Medical
  • Tamara Arney, Director, Patient Access, Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital