Vyne Medical: Promoting Sustainability

With a commitment to environmental sustainability, the Vyne Medical® organization values the opportunity to help minimize the ecological footprints of healthcare organizations by reducing their consumption of paper and other natural resources.  Throughout 2022, Vyne Medical supported additional green efforts that helped restore ecosystems, protect water quality, and conserve natural habitats and wildlife.

Over the past year, Vyne Medical invested back into the communities of its customer and employee bases. By dedicating trees to Tree People, a Los Angeles based organization, Vyne Medical aided in furthering the nonprofit’s mission of making urban environments safe, healthy, fun, and sustainable.  For every badge scanned at the 2022 NAHAM Annual Conference Vyne Medical® booth, a $2 donation was made to the San Diego Coastkeeper.  Vyne Medical’s donation provided resources to help this organization protect San Diego’s rivers, streams, bays, and coast.  A donation of $500 to Openlands, one of the nation’s oldest metropolitan conservation organizations, helped protect the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and surrounding areas, and another $500 donation to Speak for the Trees aided in building tree equity in Boston.  Victoria Frothingham, Development Director for Speak for the Trees, shared that Vyne Medical’s “contribution builds our capacity to respond where the need is greatest.”

Vyne Medical supports  The Conservation Fund’s mission to protect America’s most critical lands and waters, and for the duration of 2022, donated $50 to the Fund for each of our client’s major anniversaries. Our trusted solutions significantly decrease hospital and healthcare system’s paper consumption–reducing the need to harvest a compelling number of trees. By digitizing the capture, storage, and submission of patient data, hospitals and healthcare systems could save more than 90 million sheets of paper annually.  Vyne Medical additionally supports healthcare work-from-home initiatives with technology that connects remote employees to the data and functionality they need. This lowers the number of employees commuting to work, helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the carbon footprint.

Looking ahead, we are eager to continue to help hospitals and healthcare systems initiate their own green efforts through the application of best practices like digitizing faxes.

Vyne Medical serves a growing base of 800+ active hospital and health system clients nationwide. Best practices are hardwired through technology solutions proven to help hospitals achieve sustainable top performance. Well-published results include improvements in financial performance, physician/staff alignment, patient experience, compliance and patient safety/quality. Get connected today to learn more:



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