Maximize Time & Save Money Through Diverse Fax Automation Options

Healthcare organizations can drive significant savings by automating fax processes

With healthcare exchanging an estimated 9 billion fax pages each year, the massive reliance on faxing creates the perfect environment for embracing automation to streamline processes for significant cost savings.

Research indicates that automation has significantly decreased administrative costs within the healthcare industry, resulting in a remarkable reduction of $122 billion and could save an additional $16 billion by fully automating additional routine tasks.  These findings highlight the immense potential of automation in driving cost-efficiency within the healthcare sector.

Four levels of fax automation created to fit your organization’s needs

Vyne Medical provides four different levels of automation conveniently built into your existing infrastructure to effectively expedite the delivery of your faxes, reducing the reliance on internal IT resources.

  • Level One – Improve Workflows Through Automation:  Using RefyneⓇ Cloud Fax for optimal performance or your existing fax engine, improve your hospital’s operations by automating workflows through TraceⓇ, a centralized application that helps organizations maintain efficiency through consistent workflows that automate routing and built-in reporting.
  • Level Two – Integrate with Other Systems: Effortlessly connect healthcare providers with third-party applications through HL7 integration and enable the electronic transmission of lab results, automated reporting, and release of information requests through integration with the EMR or document repositories.
  • Level Three – Automate the Transcription of Faxes: Automate data extraction, transcription, and indexing of data from faxed images, converting it into usable data.
  • Level Four – Outsource with Fax Complete: Vyne Medical handles incoming faxes, using automation to extract and integrate data directly into your EMR.  Our team manages instances of manual processing, relieving hospital teams of the hassle of dealing with faxes.

Revolutionize your organization’s fax workflows and maximize cost efficiency

Level Four, Outsource with Fax Complete, offers a substantial opportunity to optimize operational expenses by reducing the requirement of FTE roles dedicated to fax management.  This level of automation not only streamlines the fax process but also maximizes cost efficiency by effectively outsourcing a facility’s fax management function.

Vyne Medical’s automation solutions are revolutionizing the fax workflows of hundreds of healthcare systems and hospitals.  Embracing automated workflows to simplify operations, these organizations are enhancing their productivity, saving money, and ultimately improving patient care.  A major health system partnered with Vyne Medical to automate the push of records to the EHR while reducing the need for a physical fax machine and found our Refyne Cloud Fax solutions relieved the burden on their IT department and streamlined their workflow.   “Cloud fax is allowing us to eliminate literally thousands of physical fax machines, as well as our on-site server,” said an IT leader. “Moving all our fax data to the cloud eliminates server downtime, monitoring and maintenance, and reduces the tickets coming into IT.”

Vyne Medical creates a highly automated, healthcare centric fax management process 

If your current fax processes are experiencing delays and IT headaches, you can rely on Vyne Medical’s Refyne Cloud Fax, a single vendor that can handle a healthcare facility’s faxing workloads.  Our cloud fax solutions can serve as a stand-alone solution or work in conjunction with Vyne Medical’s Trace platform to create a highly automated fax management process that has the potential to push data from faxes directly to your EMR without requiring any intervention from hospital staff.

Let Vyne Medical help drive value in your healthcare organization through fax automation.  Want to learn more?  Visit


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