Case Study

Case Study

How to Establish Proof of Patient Authorizations to Overturn Denials


Effective workflow design has a substantial impact (both expected and unexpected) on the delivery of healthcare services, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.  Healthcare organizations can improve operational efficiency, maintain financial integrity, and enhance the patient experience by evaluating and redesigning their front-end workflows.  To help combat denials, Moffitt Cancer Center utilized Vyne […]

Case Study

How to Save Time and Increase Profitability with Document Automation


Bloomberg Law reports that just one patient’s faxed records following discharge from one health-care facility to another can be 200+ pages. Due to their high order volume, Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital, a 470+ bed hospital system that serves more than eight Ohio counties, wanted to avoid the bottleneck of manual fax data entry. With a […]

Case Study

Creating A Culture Of Accountability In Patient Access


Texas Health Resources (THR), a 14-hospital system in north central Texas, has taken steps over a number of years to standardize best practices and improve outcomes across its Patient Access organization. To support this effort, revenue cycle leaders implemented a process to capture patient encounters for monitoring against the system’s strategic objectives for patient experience, […]

Case Study

Cloud Fax Reduces IT Burden for Large Health System


On-premise fax servers and fax machines are used in many healthcare systems to send and receive orders, referrals, authorizations, and records. This old way of communication creates numerous problems with data retrieval and document searches. To address these challenges, a major health system, which serves over 1.5 million outpatients each year, upgraded its physical fax […]

Case Study

Redefining Workflows to Achieve Sustainable Results


Situation Moffitt Cancer Center is dedicated to partnering with patients and their families to provide a quality experience. The center recognized a need to redesign front-end workflows to improve operational efficiency, financial integrity and patient experience. They sought strategies to improve the patient experience while maintaining performance in traditional metrics such as denial write-off trends, […]

Case Study

Lowell General Hospital Boosts Revenue Cycle Performance with Trace


Lowell General is a community hospital of approximately 400 beds serving the greater Lowell, Massachusetts region, about 30 miles outside of Boston. Prior to implementing the Trace® platform from Vyne Medical, Lowell General managed revenue cycle activities through a predominately manual, paper-based process. Not only was the process inefficient, but it left teams without proof […]

Case Study

Refining Areas of Focus for Better Patient Care


Situation As a trauma hospital that gets mostly stop-loss accounts, St. Francis needed a solution that would help them decrease denials, reduce discharge time and increase case management’s time with patients. Many of St. Francis’ denial challenges were related to claims denied due to lack of clinical information. With so many insurance companies needing clinical […]

Case Study

Closing the Gaps in Healthcare Communication


Sarasota Memorial Health Care System’s (SMHCS) customer service motto aims to “deliver quality patient experiences beyond discharge.” Aligned with this objective, SMHCS sought to improve quality and performance among its teams to better serve its patients, families and physicians. The hospital focused its improvement efforts in key areas of revenue cycle including Scheduling/Insurance Verification, Registration […]

Case Study

Patient Access Transformation at Mercy Medical Center


Patient Access at Mercy Medical transformed a struggling unit to a robust call center that schedules both hospital services and physician office appointments. The department had been drowning in paper, losing orders and receiving frequent complaints. Transformations – including a digital workflow for orders and QA process for calls – improved outcomes so significantly that Patient Access […]

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