How Patient Experience is Leading Hospitals Towards Digital Transformation


Agile has not always been a word used to describe the healthcare industry. Particularly on the administrative and operational side of things, when it comes to technology, healthcare moves at a slower pace than other industries. What recent events have taught us, however, is that in the face of patient needs and crisis, hospitals and […]


The New Era of Patient Access and Revenue Cycle


COVID has accelerated more innovative processes within patient access that are more efficient and complied with CDC guidelines during the pandemic, but they also improve the patient experience. On this episode, thought leaders Scott Phillips, Vice President, Virtual Care Center & Patient Access Services at Texas Health Resources, and Michelle Fox, Director of Revenue Operations […]


Building and Maintaining Successful Provider-Vendor Relationships


In the last year, interactions with clients have mostly moved from face-to-face to online. Before COVID, our sales, training and implementation teams would pop into a hospital to treat our clients to lunch or drop off some swag for their teams. Now, we meet over Zoom, ship care packages and are a bit more challenged […]


The Future of Healthcare IT in a Post-COVID Era


COVID-19 has had an awful impact on the world, but perhaps there are some silver linings as we think about the lingering impacts on hospitals. We’ve seen hospitals send non-patient facing employees to work from home, we’ve seen the implementation of contactless registration, and we’re seeing more providers embrace new and more efficient workflows, just […]