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How to Save Time and Increase Profitability with Auto Indexing

Across the country, Vyne Medical clients are implementing technology to automate their workflows and tools like Auto-indexing within the Trace platform are making a difference. According to Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital, “Auto-indexing has been a seamless process and has greatly improved our accuracy, productivity and patient experience.”

Some of Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital’s key outcomes include:

  • Time Savings: Schedulers saved 40 percent of their overall processing time

  • Service: Abandoned call percentage dropped from 10 percent to 4.1 percent

  • Efficiency: Hold time reduced from 1-2 minutes to 30 seconds


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Vyne Medical customer success story quote,

Improving Work Culture and Productivity with Trace

The scheduling department at a medical center in Oklahoma found Vyne Medical’s TraceⓇ platform to be transformational. Productivity and quality assurance improved for the organization, and the move to digital faxing, not only allowed employees to work from home, but also helped save 607 inbound fax orders that were preserved following an incident in the medical center’s server room.


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A Productive Manager’s Choice for Increased Patient Satisfaction

In this customer story, the Manager for Clinical Care Coordination at a major health system in Georgia outlines how the TraceⓇ platform helps their teams confidently deliver and maintain high levels of patient satisfaction.

From creating authorizations and fighting denials to scanning and indexing documents, St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System, Inc. even uses the recordings from TraceⓇ Voice as a training tool to counsel and teach, ensuring they maintain high patient satisfaction levels.

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Trace [has] such a major impact and is known throughout the entire organization-all the way up to the president and all the way down to our front line workers, everyone knows about this product and how great it is.

Client Testimonial: Floyd Medical Center on Work-From-Home

Yolanda Miller, Director of Patient Access, shares her experience with Vyne Medical moving her teams to work from home during the pandemic.


Client Testimonial: Archbold Memorial Hospital on Digital Fax

Rebecca Poole, Director of Patient Access and Jessica Beck, Patient Access Manager at John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, Georgia share their experience using Vyne Medical’s digital fax capabilities.


According to the 2021 Best in KLAS Report, nearly all clients surveyed indicated they would buy the Trace platform again.

Featured in the ‘other KLAS-validated solutions’ section, Vyne Medical and its Trace® platform showcase a rating of 90.5 out of 100. This score is comprised of feedback from more than 30 clients and exceeds the average software vendor rating of 82.4. The score is highlighted with a datapoint showcasing that 97 percent of surveyed clients would buy Trace again.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized by KLAS. We’re also grateful to our clients for taking the time to provide feedback and for entrusting us with their partnership,” said Lindy Benton, CEO of Vyne.

Anonymous Quotes from KLAS Surveys

"The system is critical for our team members who are performing pre-certification and authorization functions for surgeries, imaging, infusions, and notifications." -Manager

"Trace is a very good product; it has helped us to mitigate and overturn denials from an authorization perspective." -Director

"Trace lets us track correspondence. It doesn't just track phone calls. It tracks the various correspondences that we would receive from payers and puts them all in one location." -VP/Other Executive

"Our ROI has been huge because we need to have proof of what the vendor's insurance companies are telling us and showing us on their websites." -Manager

97 Percent of Vyne Medical Clients Would Invest in the Trace Platform Again


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